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  1. I've figured it out, Sorry for posting this. I guess when I was in a hurry while cloning the pack in Solder I clicked 1.8.1 instead of 1.7.10. This post can be deleted if anyone has the power to do so.
  2. I've been getting this error while making a mod-pack. It was came out of nowhere and I don't know how to fix it. I've been looking around on my time off work and no luck. This is my last resort hopefully you guys can find it out! http://pastebin.com/yJPZ8iy2
  3. Server Ip: foxforge.foxtopia.me:25577 We only have two rules Enjoy Yourself Don't do anything you know is going to break the world (This isn't cool) We don't have any removed mods. No banned items! We will be up 24/7 (If the server goes down then we will get it up asap) Desc: This server is just for war complete raid everything is possible! Come join us now We don't have a whitelist.
  4. "Failed Login" can be from you starting another Minecraft client while logged into the other. It will log you out of the first one and log on the 2nd one you opened. Other then that Minecraft could have been down when you tried to join the server, or what TheEr1k00 said "Failed to login:Bad login" Is usually when a player with cracked minecraft attempts to join a premium server." Other then that it could be your internet, etc.
  5. Great Server I'm glad you updated the desc for us.
  6. Been working on tekkit.mcmods.me Very good server :D

  7. tekkit.mcmods.me will be up for the rest of the year and the next (Forever lol) Just try it. I like it, but not many people are on.

  8. Or maybe call it Tekkit Main since thats what it's called in the file system?
  9. I need a GFX artist because I can not contact my old who made my old channel for Youtube. I updated to the new Youtube layout, and now I have no art. If someone is willing to do some art for me that would be great! My Youtube name is TwistedUpGamer check it out if you want too.
  10. Nice man, If you want you can check out my channel "TwistedUpGamer." I will be doing a Tekkit series too later today! (Mine is strictly for gaming only nothing out of game will be recorded except my voice)
  11. Yes but plugins are plugins not mods, plugins arent the same when it comes to matters like this. Red Power comes with all the extra stuff that we don't need at the time. Yes, but if it was working it would help some people, and be cool if it worked how I said it.
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