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    Bad login

    Title: Bad login Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 Java Version: latest Description of Problem: I have atempted to connect to sevral servers with tekkit lite but my friend seems to have no problem Error Messages: Failed to login: bad login Error Log:
  2. can anyone plz help me withe this problem every server gives me this error and yes my tekkit lite is up to date
  3. the first time yes i did bcuz i ddnt know the rules but the second time i was just frustrated becuase no one hase been able to help me with this problem and sorry for breaking the rules
  4. ok i read the rules but i am having this problem for some time now :/ and dont know what to do anymore plz help me fix the bad login single player is so boring :(
  5. Hello i have a problem every time i try to connect to as server i get the msg's :Bad login plz help
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