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  1. Update, we're looking for a few testers for our server. We're running a few mods and want to make sure things are up to the challenge before we make the server public, there are a few more mods we'd like to add as well. Any takers?
  2. sent you a PM regarding Ventrilo info. We're currently working on various mod/plugin installations.
  3. A-skell, sounds good. Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?
  4. The commands not working sounds like it's related to permissions or something like that. We have a similar problem on our server we're working on. I could of course be completely wrong as I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to this stuff. But for us it's been about permissions and getting permission mods/plugins to work.
  5. Will send you the ventrilo information through PM then Cya soon! *EDIT* Here's a vid from the first livestream with Monitomen:
  6. Hi MrZebra, do you have Ventrilo or can you get it? I assume you have a headset with a microphone or something. It's what we use for voice communication, makes it a lot easier to coordinate and also enhances the fun-factor :)
  7. Hey Bittcloud123, sounds alright to me Do you use ventrilo or know what it is? I'd prefer we use that for voice communication as Skype doesn't really work with a bunch of people as it catches every single thing with the microphone (no push-to-talk).
  8. Awesome I will send you a PM or something with the details.
  9. maxrules199, I think I'd consider 11 to be a little too young to be honest. Will ask the rest of the guys what they think. BittCloud123, as I've asked the others. Please tell me a little about yourself, how old are you and where are you from? Monitomen, sounds great. I don't like Skype when multiple people are involved. Without a push-to-talk key, things get messy and usually people have a lot of things happening in the background that can interfere or irritate. For example one of my friends has a kid, hearing his wailing in the background will make most people go nuts haha. I take it there's no chance you guys can download Ventrilo? It's free and costs you nothing.
  10. I run a small server among friends and have been looking into getting a few more people into it. Currently running off my gaming rig, might be looking into giving it it's own case at some point. Would entirely depend on server popularity etc. in the future. Would love to know some more about you before we decide anything though, how old are you? where are you from? etc. Me myself I'm 24 and live in Europe, Sweden. Been playing various games since i was around 9 years old, started with strategy and then moved to FPS, RPG's and various other genres. So yes, a bit of geek :)
  11. Sounds good so far, I've talked and played with quite a few Americans over the years. Hopefully you guys have Ventrilo or at least have heard of it, would be nice to sit and talk at the same time as we're playing Also, not that it's overly important.. but what age are you guys? I've had a few fairly young people on my server before, which has backfired because they couldn't handle not getting to fly
  12. Hi Max, well then tell me a little something about yourself
  13. Hello dudes and dudettes, I'm looking for some people to perhaps do a let's play series, or just some fun livestreaming stuff with on my Voltz server. Currently don't have a very large crowd on it, but I'm hoping that might change. Preferably you've made some videos or livestreams yourself that you can show me, so I can get to see how you play and see how you are as a person. If you are interested, you can either show your interest in this topic or send a PM. As for me, I recently livestreamed my first play with Voltz. Mainly to see how my PC handled running the server, playing the game and livestreaming at the same time. Sadly I didn't have that many people on my Ventrilo server to talk with at the time. Other than that I live in Europe, Sweden. So that might also be something you want to take into account (lag etc.). Oh well, thanks for reading. Cheers!