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  1. Yes I have done this on mine - Red/Anti matter explosives and those types of missiles as well you can disable almost everything in the config file!
  2. I had this strange error - it occurred when a user built an Auto Farm and it went across a chunk border he was slipping between the chunks. I actually had to restore the world directory to the previous back to fix it - I could never pinpoint what part/mod actually cause - sorry not much help but hopefully may give someone else an Idea.
  3. I have a small 16 -20 slot server - The group of people that play regular has fallen recently so I am looking for new blood Server is basic Whitelisted so I need the name to let you play! We do PVP and PVE - some options deactivated Anti Matter/Red Matter - Last PVE - Wither Day mc.meridianminecraft.info Leave message on meridianminecraft.info to get white listed. Mature players - not age mature game play - currently no mods looking at adding Factions when sufficient players to make it interesting. We are currently asking players to read forum for up to date information on any changes or extra's Come in we have cookies .... well free Trade Booths
  4. This was an error on .8 it was fixed on .9 current recommended build. I would check to make sure you have the right files in your folders.
  5. You may also want to set the Launcher to manage the Perm size top right on the launcher plus Big Dig really needs at least 2 gig allocated so make sure you have 64bit Java
  6. Use and energy cube - add power say with a Heat Generator or anything then click on interface for the energy cube you will see two boxes one plus one minus put the battery into the Plus to charge or the Minus to add power to the cube. Also the energy cubes make a great buffer for power and stop cables burning - to run the refinery you would be better using Energy Cubes and connecting them up - Black is for output and green is input If you want to see some in operation msg me and I will show you on my server where i have a few things set up Bothal Mod Edit: Don't sign your posts.
  7. Tesserats get locked into public even in creative - that were placed new old ones that had been done before MCPC+ was put in instead of bigdig.jar still worked. All tree's stopped growing - using Bee's or just planting (magical crops worked just Trees) Thats MCPC+ specific - also weird errors with Logistics pipes but I think that is connected with the current Big Dig mod number. When I changed back to the Big Dig jar we had to break all the Tessearts and use new ones to fix game. Regards Bothal
  8. MCPC+ currently breaks a few things - the issues have been logged with developers.
  9. I am currently trying to set up a small home server for some friends to play Voltz - with the Factions addon for a bit or Risk-esk fighting. Can somone give me a link to a setup guide or just tell me what version of Valutz runs with which version of Factions? Or is there just something that needs to be tweek-ed Regards Bothal
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