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  1. So it seems the problem came down to a bad stick of ram on the server. Thankfully it was just my player info that corrupted.
  2. So me and a friend of mine have been playing BF and are almost finished. Yes, we have two more gold badges before 100% clean. I walk away to cook dinner and get messaged saying server is down. Lo and behold it's completely locked up. I had to perform a hard reboot to get it to come back, and then launch. It hangs at Forge wanting a confirmation to proceed because of possible corruption. I cancel and backup the world. I proceed to confirm and it crashes after a few seconds. It is pointing to HQM as the source of the crash. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // You should try our sis
  3. I have noticed this as well but it seems to come and go. I have been ignoring it for the most part and chalking it up to the people hosting the file.
  4. I can confirm the nastiness that happens by removing reika's mods. The FML patch referenced on the link AetherPirate gave will help.
  5. So it seems that dropbox is killing the public folder access as people were using it to host websites, warez, and distribute malware. Public folders are being converted to private and discontinued. https://www.dropbox.com/help/16 Not sure how much of a problem this is going to cause us modpack makers.
  6. So I updated my modpack here on the technic site, uploaded the updated pack file to my drop box, but for the life of me, it will not update the version number on the client side and therefore users are not able to receive the functioning version. It used to be instantaneous. Just seems a bit odd. Any ideas?
  7. Although the news is troubling, its also somewhat promising. Who knows, we might even get some much needed thread optimizations. As viral as MC is, I dont think M$ is going to just kill it. At least not right away. *EDIT* Maybe we'll get a kinect version! trolololjk
  8. Hey, having problems launching mods today. It pauses on verifying or downloading files. YOu can close the launcher and keep trying and it will just stop at random files. Sometimes get to downloading and stop. Anything amiss? Was working fine about 0800 Eastern, but now has been getting worse as the day progresses.
  9. Tried lastnight to setup account. Clicked the process to establish public share. Was given two options. Pay or Pay. I chose option 3 and nuked account.
  10. Soooo....anyone try sky/one drive from MS? Nope, better, but ultimately same boat as google. Same with Amazon's drive system as well.
  11. Delightful. Seems dropbox is now charging for their public folder. Any other suggestions?
  12. If you can use ItemDuct or BC's item pipes, just use those to feed to and from the input and outputs of the transposer. Also, thanks for the ideas how to automate the canisters. Most useful!
  13. @Jakalith: The mod author was pressured by the community to increase the output of his mod to keep on par with other mods of similar complexity. Most notably is Big Reactors can produce massive amounts of power at an absurd fraction of the cost. Also please keep in mind that this mod is originally designed for its own "universal" power system. There is going to be some sort of conversion adjustments between Joules (Not BC's MJ) and RF.
  14. Can you check that?


  15. Thank you, will check. Will get back to you if this is not correct. Hopefully this works with 1.6.4
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