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  1. That is a wonderful piece of design! I have no skills in that direction whatsoever, so that much the greater my admiration! Awesome!
  2. If I recall properly, and that is always an iffy proposition, one can manufacture Blaze Powder using Glowstone Dust and liquified Redstone.
  3. I believe that would be 2 Billion not 2 million!
  4. Would you go see a Podiatrist if you had lung cancer? The largest collection of people who have the greatest amount of information about Voltz are on the Voltz forum. Its logical, see? Ask the people who would have the greatest knowledge about something. There's even an easy way to find such a group of highly knowledgable people. Go to the location where they congreagate. They are just as happy to answer and help about what they know a great deal about, Voltz, and which many here likely do not. Its not that people here are refusing to give you help, its that many people here are unable give you help because those who can are not here. We can't give you what we don't have. Go to the Voltz forum and find those people who can give you help. Its the logical thing to do. This is the help we can offer - steer you to the place where you will find what you can't be find here. Getting upset because we don't have the knowledge you are seeking isn't going to get you any closer to what you want. Two people have already taken time to point you the right way. Be content that they made it VERY easy for you to find what you want by taking the time to include in their responses clickable links to get you exactly where you want to go.
  5. Great tutorial! Thanks for making the effort and documenting it so thoroughly.
  6. I never knew that, but that isn't saying much for me. Could it be that the version that MPS that has the treecapitator like feature came after the version that is in this version of Tekkit?
  7. I don't know if its a bug or a design choice - but MPS Axe does not work with TreeCapitator.
  8. Bochen415 - Did you make all that in the last 24 hours or have you been playing it prior? Well done either way, but if you did all that in 24 hours - you da man! (Thanks for sharing the pics!) Regarding 8/32 channels on the cables: theres even another layer - P2P (point to point) connections. One side of the P2P connector (or whatever it is properly called) can accept 8 channels. The other side can then connect to either a fluix or a dense cable but here's the kick - it condenses the 8 channels down to 1 channel until you have to break it out again. So with thoughtful planning you can squeeze a large numbers of channels onto even a regular 8 channel smart cable. One can now create small 8 channel or less networks that don't require an ME Controller. Another things I just saw was that the Interface Terminal now shows what type of device is making a given order! So if an order is going to be processed by an Induction Smelter it will be indicated as such in the interface! The Macro Assembler looks to be a mixed bag. On the one hand you no longer have one big central MAC. Instead you have individual visible MAC's that are connected to the network with ME interfaces which is where you place you patterns. On quick reflections everything that is made in the ME Network must pass through an ME Interface. The MAC as I mentioned before is now a tranparent looking cube which is fed and the results removed by ME Interfaces. This will neccessitate spreading out the MAC portion of the ME Network. Also ME cables now carry power to run non AE devices, redstone signals, obviously AE data and a forth item I can't remember! Gah! Looks to be verrrrry interesting!
  9. I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting some ruminations about future Tekkit here... So I was doing some research a day or so ago and tumbled to the fact that AE2 has a stable build for 1.7.10! I do not know, nor am I asking(!), if the updeated version will be included in the next big update of Tekkit but...wow!! I know I've been reading a post here and there about the general lack of tech progression within Tekkit (like IC2 had - I don't know personally that was before my time) but there are some very interesting things coming with AE2. Setting up ME Networks is much more involved - again it is much more granular in its technology. In a way it seems to want to including the abilities to be a stand alone mod. FREX - it has it own power generation system. It is certainly much more complex that it is currently. I guess it could be said to be more granular in its technology. Many items that used to be unique are now more vanilla that then accept upgrades to gain a certain functionality. Fluix Crystals need to grown now instead of crafted. It looks like it has been designed from an early stage for Forge Multi Blocks. FREX - The ME Terminal is now a panel that connects to ME cable and both items fit within a single block. Looks way cool! The mod even has "illumination panels" like flat panel lighting! It has meteors that one needs to find both for resources and a chest as the center which contains certain ... blue prints(?) ... needed to make necessary parts for the mod. It even "looks" cool in that it uses "light" to convery important information about the status of the network. Looks like AlgorithmX2 is working very hard on it - builds look to be posted almost nightly. Also looks to be working on integrating with other mods as a high priority. Can't wait!
  10. You're right that it would certainly be "easier" to use an ME setup as you described, but it wouldn't do what I wanted it to do! Isn't that more important than "easy"?
  11. Just for clarity's sake a single byte in a Fluid Storage cell can hold 1/4 bucket of liquid. A full 64K Fluid Storage cell would be capable of holding 16,384 buckets of fluid. As per the Extra Cells wiki. After reading up about Steel Tanks I have come to understand that they were indeed capable of holding mighty amounts of fluids. However in a number of discussion threads that ran when Extra Cells came out some short comings of the tanks were illuminated. Apparently very large Steel Tanks that were largely full caused allot of lag. Also resizing or moving Steel Tanks was a problem because one needed to be drain them before breaking the multi-block object. Finally I was led to believe that the flow rate, in or out, was not terribly fast. Every agreed they were useful and very aesthetically pleasing. The nice thing about using Fluid Cells is that the fluid, once in network, can go anywhere in the network virtually instantly. Moving fluids in and out of the network can also happen very quickly. A single Fluid Import/Export bus can move 40 Buckets/second and this can be easily scaled. Or one can simply grab the Fluid Cells out of the ME Drive enclosures and physically move them much like taking an external HDD from one computer and walk it over to another and take the TB's of data with it faster than trying to send if via Ethernet. Unless you are looking to store multi-millions of buckets you should be fine using the Extra Cells Fluid Storage cells. Granted its vastly more "expensive" than Steel Tanks (and doesn't have the same visual appeal) its fast and transports relatively easily.
  12. You're in the Tekkit forum. The Voltz forum can be found here.
  13. MILLIONS of buckets! That is seriously insane. I sit here duely shamed by my paltry 130k.
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