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  1. my worries are that , even if they don't drown it in drm, (TBH, I'm not to worried about microtransacions, at least its not EA) is whether it will still be available on alternate OSs in the future. (i own a mac that i bootcamp to linux, i personally don't like windows.)
  2. it never worked with precipitator due to the damage value constantly changing on the glove. however, machine muse put a treecapitator like feature into the axe module.
  3. just came back to tekkit after taking a break following the 1.6 update. i just make my power fist, intending to use the axe module to clear and adjacent jungle and put in in my charcoal factory. there no longer seems to be a search radius bar for the axe module, even though i can see its default value in the .cfg as such, it only chops one block of wood, making it redundant when i can just use a regular axe and chop down a whole tree. i would guess this is a bug due to it still being in the .cfg, but can anyone confirm? if it is a bug, any fixes?
  4. i go with at least three stirling engines. thermal expansion steam engines can power a quarry slowly with one, though.
  5. i personally think that thaumcraft would be a great addition to exit. exit is already a very magic type mod pack. do you agree it should be added? any other thoughts?
  6. for me, the thing about ee is not that its easy to get items, its not that the items are powerful, (i do like the archagels smite, but thats all) but to my the thing about ee is that ALL THE ITEMS ARE RENEWABLE. without that it would be almost impossible to complete a factory (or whatever) with everything in it. i dont care if i takes 2 mc days per diamond. if you want the whole thing to be mining for resorces, be my guest and play vanilla. and since tekkit is the modpack of automation, it only makes since to be able to atomate it. in short, raise the startup costs, make it take longer, and gi
  7. im not shure if this is a bug or not but hostile mobs are spawning in my factory even in the daytime. i checked the loght level for EVERY block, and the lowest light level is 8 im on tekkit v3.1.2 which runs minecraft 1.2.5. if this is a bug please let me know so i dont just keep adding more lamps. (the ciling is 3 high wit redpower lamps 4 blocks above the floor)
  8. not working for me and i tried everything in the book. but still gives the same old problem
  9. Launcher Version: Operating System: windows vista busnius Java Version: 7 Antivirus Program: agv but i have tried turning it off Description of Problem: the chat says i am 6 versions behind but the launcher does not update my version (or gives no indication of this) Error Messages: none Error Log: none
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