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  1. jakalth

    Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!

    4 Tips that seem to help any 1.7.10 mod pack. 1: set the max frame rate slider to limit frame rate to just 60 fps. This helps with some of the issue with mod custom GUI's not rendering/working properly, and seems to help a little at speeding up chunk loading. Might not help everyone though. Haven't tested it in hexxit yet, but it does work for mods, like Open Blocks, that otherwise have very twitchy and/or unresponsive gui interfaces. 2: Make sure Vsync is turned on. This helps with most of the mod custom GUI issues that tip #1 does not help with. This also can improve chunk loading slowness a little bit. Tips 1 and 2 work best when done together... 3: Advanced OpenGL... Issues here as well. Having this option turned on can cause lag and slow chunk loading while exploring. Not sure what causes this issue in 1.7.10 modpacks. Not everyone is effected negatively by using advanced opengl, it's only about 1 in 5 that are. Everyone else still benefits by using it. 4: Try having at least 3GB of ram allocated for 1.7.10 modpacks. They tend to be quite power hungry. The "too much ram allocated can slow down the game" issue does still effect the game though so it is a balancing act. These are tips and might not help everyone. But since they are simple video setting changes they are easy to try out.
  2. Found 3 cats in my base. Now, must... string....

  3. Here's a match stick, a chewing gum wrapper, and a rubberband. McGuyver, please save my game.

    1. Lethosos


      You forgot the carburetor. He needs that.
  4. I... Broke... It...

    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_
    2. jakalth


      The chickens! Think of the chickens!
  5. If 5 reactor cells makes for a good reactor, then shurely 17 more makes for a better one...

  6. My dishwasher quit working. So how am I supposed to play minecraft when I can't find the key to this door that I lost my way outside after shoveling snow in the freezer that had a pizza earlier... no idea where that is now that I can finally reach my toes but can't see where that light bulb burned out.

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    2. gamebuster12


      add the Ars Magica mod to Hexxit please
    3. jakalth


      I don't think I can stick my ars in the dishwasher...
    4. Munaus


      Well where else would you stick it then?
      Speaking of cold, dark places... did you find that pizza yet? I'm hungry
  7. Oh this could so be abused... Wonder how long until he ban game starts in here?

    1. Joshua Tack

      Joshua Tack

      I give it 2 days :)
    2. Joshua Tack

      Joshua Tack

      I give it 2 days :)