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  1. Thanks for the topic move Munaus.
  2. What I'm looking for is a farming companion mod that gives more use to all the crops and food that can be farmed up in modded minecraft. Reasoning is, I'm making a farming based modpack for 1.10.2 that is a bit empty feeling without some type of goal built into the pack for using all the crops available. The specifics I'm looking for, or hoping for are as follows: 1: The mod has some type of currency for buying and selling crops and food that is not already in the game. Some type of coin system maybe? 2: The mod is compatible with may mods including harvestcraft, mystical crops, enderio, immersive engineering, and may others. 3: The mod includes a way to turn off seed drops so all crops have to be purchased through a market system of some type. The specific seeds that would need to be turned off would be just the vanilla seeds since modded seeds can be controlled via the mod that adds them. This would give farming a bit more of a challenge making it a bit less plant and forget. 4: Config options to adjust buy and sell prices to alter the balance a bit and make it a bit more challenging if needed. If a mod that does this doesn't exist, then this is a formal request for one that can. What I'd envision is a single block(Produce Market) that allows the purchase and selling of crops/food. The Produce Market would allow items to be piped into it for automation of selling. The Produce Market would also have an internal storage for the coins used as currency by the mod. For currency, I envision 3 levels of currency being used in the mod. First being a simple coin, as an item, it could be (possibly?) found in dungeon and village chests to help get the player started. The second level of currency, I envision being Emeralds. This allows the mod to work with existing "currency" methods used in minecraft already, by villagers for example. The Emeralds would be worth the same as a stack(64) of coins. The third level I see as being a Regal, or high value coin. This coin would be worth as much as a stack(64) of emeralds. Some way for the Produce Market to store and auto convert stacks of coins into emeralds and emeralds into regals would be quite helpful as well as a way to do the opposite, converting a regal into a stack of emeralds and an emerald into a stack of coins would make things a LOT easier. Having a currency system like this would allow some other items to be available for sale. Items that can not be aquired through farming or crafting, like nether stars, dragons breath, and dragon eggs. These would be at an extremely high price. Having the mod be able to regester the items and price through the config file would make it a lot easier to add new crops and items to the Produce Market. And this would make the mod a bit easier to make since then ONLY the vanilla crops would need to be added to the mod initially. The rest being added by the modpack creator. NOTE: I have no skill or understanding for programing... It is a completely foreign language that makes no sense to me... No matter how much I wish it did...
  3. Thank you so much! Your the man Plowmanplow! That's has got it fixed. Found the offending file you mentioned and corrected it. You've saved me days of further frustration. And thanks again Disconsented, your program works a treat.
  4. Tried making a new zip file. same issue. tried redownloading and installing every mod in the pack, pulling out the config files, mod files, and forge, then repacking them into a zip file again. same issue. tried changing the zip file compression ratio and settings for 7-zip. once again same issue... Edit: found the issue. Both the technic launcher and your checker file do not like the Millenaire mod. If I remove the mod and it's associated files, the zip checks out clean, when I add them back in, it throws an error... without millenaire, the modpack is basicly useless... Any ideas how to get Millenaire to play nice with the technic launcher?
  5. ok... ran the test, got unhandled exception error, and malformed. That's it. no idea what I'm supposed to do with this info or how i'm supposed to fix the problem when the zip file opens just fine, just not through the launcher.
  6. I've put together a small custom modpack for use by a few friends of mine. The mod pack it's self works just fine if manually installed, but if I try installing it through the technic launcher, it downloads just fine, but when it gets to 44% mod installation, it freezes and throws an unable to extract file error. I've followed the "how to make a modpack" and "how to make your pack available through technic launcher" tutorials and don't see anywhere I've gone in error. I've gone through and tested the zip file it's self, I can find no errors with the zip file or the files contained in it. I can manually extract the files into the install folder it is trying to place them into and play the pack just fine as well. The launcher just can't extract all the files from the zip file... compressed using 7-zip in .zip format file hosted on dropbox with arguments set to allow direct download. The modpack: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/jakpack-villager-edition it's still basicly a beta but is fully playable, if it will actually install...
  7. Replacing the 4 blocks of redstone with gelid cryothium will allow the reactor to run even cooler. But for the biggest bang for your buck, going with 3 blocks of gelid and having a single block of resonant ender against the casing, for each line of coolant, gives you a slightly higher output. A single block of redstone might have the same effect. Gelid alone does not really improve the output of the design you gave BlessedWrath. At least not by much. just runs a little cooler for about the same power.
  8. Sorry, I was just using coolant as a generic term for any of the fluids/blocks that can be used in a reactor to cool the fuel rods. If you have the redstone, yeah, Destabilized redstone is another good fluid to use. I thing too note: the smaller the reactor, the less consistant the power output. The design I suggested outputs between 270 and 320 RF when first turned on, with a full fuel rod of yellorium. But as it runs, it will convert some of the yellorium into cyonite and slowly drop in power output. It drops down to about 200 RF by the time it has used up 1 ingot of yellorium. Just set one of the access ports to output(blue) by right clicking it and selecting the blue arrowed icon on the bottom right of the interface. This way, you can place fresh yellorium in the yellow access port, and the reactor will output cyonite into the blue access port once it has a full ingot(1000mb) in the fuel rod. When it outputs the cyonite, it will pull in a fresh ingot of yellorium and the power output will raise back up to full power again. Curunir's suggested reactor is more expensive to make, but it is far more consistant with it's power output, due to more fuel being in the fuel rods. His suggestion is also far more powerful. More then 8 times more powerful if my guess is right. So upgrading to his suggested design at some point, if you can't make it right away, is a good idea. His design would be able to run the quarry and a good ore processing setup with power to spare. Nice thing about big reactors, it is easy to upgrade your reactor, when you start out small. Just wait until you have enough resources to add more to the reactor, remove the top blocks from the reactor, scoop out the coolant with a bucket, and then modify the reactor by removing then replacing the blocks into the new, larger design. Adding in the coolant again, if needed, as you build it, or once it is nearly finished.
  9. I would also give the suggestion of using your fuel infrastructure to implement compression dynamos. They work the same as the combustion engines you already have, using fuel and water, but are easier to operate in that they can self regulate their power output. Other then that, very much the same as the BC version. Just use some redstone conduits to transfer the power to the quarry since the compression dynamos output RF and the conduits can convert that to MJ energy. If you really want to go with a big reactor, and want to keep it as small as possible, I'd suggest going with a 3x4x3 reactor. 1 fuel rod and 1 coolant block inside a reactor made of casings, 1 control rod, 1 controller, 1 power port, and 2 access ports. It's minimalistic, but the 1 coolant block slightly increases it's efficiency but more importantly, increases it's heat transfer rate(which means more power). Works just fine with just water as the coolant, but other coolant types, like graphite, diamond, or resonant ender, work better. In a small reactor like this though, do not use gelid cryothium, the reactor will not be able to get warm enough to produce sufficient power. C = casing F = fuel rod X = coolant R = controler A = access port P = power port N = control rod First layer: CCCC CCCC CCCC Second Layer: CRPC CFXC CAAC Third layer: CCCC CNCC CCCC
  10. That comment right there says is all. It also explains modded minecraft in general. You use what you like. Wonder if Tekkit will ever add the option of selecting optional mods to include or remove from their packs according to the players taste. I believe it is the AT Launcher that has this feature to some degree already with some of their packs. Also wonder if the technic launcher is capable of doing this atm without a huge rewrite in code...
  11. 4 Tips that seem to help any 1.7.10 mod pack. 1: set the max frame rate slider to limit frame rate to just 60 fps. This helps with some of the issue with mod custom GUI's not rendering/working properly, and seems to help a little at speeding up chunk loading. Might not help everyone though. Haven't tested it in hexxit yet, but it does work for mods, like Open Blocks, that otherwise have very twitchy and/or unresponsive gui interfaces. 2: Make sure Vsync is turned on. This helps with most of the mod custom GUI issues that tip #1 does not help with. This also can improve chunk loading slowness a little bit. Tips 1 and 2 work best when done together... 3: Advanced OpenGL... Issues here as well. Having this option turned on can cause lag and slow chunk loading while exploring. Not sure what causes this issue in 1.7.10 modpacks. Not everyone is effected negatively by using advanced opengl, it's only about 1 in 5 that are. Everyone else still benefits by using it. 4: Try having at least 3GB of ram allocated for 1.7.10 modpacks. They tend to be quite power hungry. The "too much ram allocated can slow down the game" issue does still effect the game though so it is a balancing act. These are tips and might not help everyone. But since they are simple video setting changes they are easy to try out.
  12. Too bad twilight forest or blood magic weren't in this. both have interesting ways too gather ores.(mining tree and ritual of magnetism) Otherwise, you could get convoluted with iron pickaxes in autonamous activators and more these using RIM frames. You'd only need something to pick up the dropped items that are mined up the activators.
  13. resonant ender helps with radiation levels, even if only slightly, so having them on the outside like this boosts the efficiency of the reactor while still allowing for the superior cooling performance of gelid cryothium. It's really just a few percent difference though. In the small 9x9x3 reactor i usually build, it's only about 2% improvement. The reactor layout above is boosted by about 5%. Gelid alone is the next best thing. The reactor, one layer high(15x15x3) produces about 13.4K rf/tick when the control rods are set for optimum temp(900C). and about 55K rf/tick when 5 layers high(15x15x7) when the control rods are also inserted to max efficiency(about 900C) It's capable of outputting more if temp and efficiency are ignored. The single layer, in steam configuration, sits at about 6800mb/tick steam production, also with the control rods set. and the 5 layer, in steam configuration, sits around 40,000mb/tick with the control rods set. The pros: 1: efficient 2: looks interesting. The cons: 1: the mixed coolant is a pain to do for the multiple layer design. 2: That's a lot of coolant. To get any more info I'd have to rebuild the reactor. I kinda broke the game playing around with Rim frames and reactors. Oops.
  14. Well, I have been reading up on spreadsheets scattered amongst various areas. There is a LOT of data available for designing reactors, but not always data that is actually useful... Although, I did find some very useful data dealing with large builds and they all suggest going for large diameter flat reactors. Easier to balance out coolant and rod setups for flat reactors. It also shows that radiation travels out up to 5 blocks from the fuel rods, but only in a strait line and only from the 4 sides of the rods. This means that only rods that are lined up with the side of another rod, they do not have to be touching actually, will share radiation and boost each others radiation level(efficiency). The data also shows that the corner blocks don't even have to have coolant. They will not effect efficiency, but might effect temperature control. The + design works well because it is compact, but it is not the best overall design for large reactors it ends up. What is the best design is to have your rods in the center with several layers of coolant between the rods and the outer wall of your reactor. And to allow room for some coolant to be fit in between some of the fuel rods to help balance out heat flow. A good example is this design someone else had posted, If stacked up to 7 blocks high, it should be able to produce the max of 40,000mb/tick of steam and still be quite efficient. The design is 15 x 15 x 7 high, outside dimensions(the dimensions of the outer casing). It also outpaces any design I've made so far. C = casing R = resonant ender G = Gelid cryothium X = any block or fluid. H = fuel rods CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CXXXXRRRRRXXXXC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CRGGGHHHHHGGGRC CRGGGHGHGHGGGRC CRGGGHHHHHGGGRC CRGGGHGHGHGGGRC CRGGGHHHHHGGGRC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CXXXXGGGGGXXXXC CXXXXRRRRRXXXXC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
  15. Underground subway system linking player bases and the spawn point. I've done this one before myself. Real challange here is setting it up so all the player bases are linked together in a loop or closed circuit system allowing the user to move from one base to the other and get on/off where they want to without having to exit at each base. Can make it more interesting by making a separate "Express" line. This express line would link the player base to the spawn point directly making it quicker for the player to return from spawn to their main base. The challange comes in when you have say 7 different players/bases all linked directly to the spawn point and set a way to allow the player to select which base they go to so you only have 1 line running from the spawn point to a nexus point.
  16. Atomic Science vs Big Reactors. Well, no answer too that debate, it's all preference, but... Latest version of tekkit using AS has the reactors from that mod nearly unusable. The mod its self had a major change done to it's core functions that did not get ironed out in the version of the mod used in the latest versions of tekkit. later versions of AS were getting close to being fully functional, but then the mod on its own was dumped in favor of an integrated mob/pack called resonant induction. Due too these things, AS reactors are unreliable... I really do miss the big fusion reactor builds that were possible in the past. The mod its self was fun to use and had a lot of experimentation and automation possible. Big Reactors on the other hand operates just fine. It does have limitations and smaller issues with it, but it is still a young mod that has a lot of features yet to be implemented. There is nearly as much experimentation potential in BR as there was in AS.
  17. I love Tinkers Construct, but it does bring in a few problems. Once you can get a smeltery going, gathering resources becomes a little too easy at times due to the improved tools. But in a vanilla minecraft way. With it not requiring power, other then lava, it also can easily become the end all way to process your ores... It's an easy trap too fall into. But on the other hand, it also makes a nice stepping stone for early automation. Allowing you to gather resources quicker before upgrading to a mining machine. And, it does give you a small edge when doing early cave diving where your ability to drop a creeper before it explodes, for example, can make a large difference when getting those first few less common resources. So, imo, for now, I'd say no to including Tinkers in the mod pack, by default. But, the real thing that would decide if Tinkers Construct has a place in the next version of Tekkit is not known yet. It all depends on one thing... What mods are going to be in the next version? Until we know that, tinkers in tekkit remains in the air.
  18. The 50,000mb/tick is not directly a hard coded limit in the mod. It is entirely limited to the amount of water available too the reactor at any given tick. No matter the setup, or transfer speed, the internal buffer of the reactor will always limit how much steam can be produced in very large reactors. And since the reactor can only hold 50,000mb of water at any given time, that is the steam limit. The other limitation in the current version of BR, as has been said, is the limited control you have with fine tuning the control rods. Newer versions for minecraft 1.7.x have addressed this limitation, but for now, in Tekkit, we have to live with it as is. But there are always ways around it. A redstone clock hooked up to a reactor redstone port can be used as a fine tuner when you can not adjust the control rods enough. By controlling the length of each pulse, and delay between them, you can cycle the reactor on and off in rapid succession, reducing fuel burn and controlling steam output. But this option has it's own limits and risks... But on the other hand, the sheer size of the reactor required to match the power generation of the turbines, does favor the actively cooled reactor in the long run. That, and the much lower fuel usage of an active reactor. Even though the active reactor + turbine can be just as, if not more, expensive to make then the passive reactor that can output its equivalent power.
  19. Have been playing around a little with the 1.7.10 version of big reactors. The changes made do not seem to have much effect on power output and fuel use for reactor designs. Have not played much with turbines. But the changes to how you interact with the reactor are Huge! Makes playing around with large reactors so much easier and it's even easier to use ComputerCraft or Rednet to control with your reactor. For the passive cooled reactors, there has been a few little changes to coolant. Most of these changes just seem to improve the consistency of the mod as a whole rather then change how it works. So what works well for one person should work the same for someone else. I have not quite back tested this yet, but the most efficient small reactor design I've seen in the last few weeks, seems to now involve using more then one type of coolant inside the reactor. A small 7x7x3 reactor with the + shaped cluster of 5 fuel rods in the center gives the highest output from your fuel that I have seen so far. The reactor is 7x7x3 outside with only a 5x5x1 area inside the reactor for fuel and coolant. It has 5 fuel rods in a + shape with 5 control rods all set to 0%. The reactor seems to level out at around 700C while running at full power. I've tested the same design with both of the coolants alone in the reactor as well. The design outputs a Max of about 2,640 RF/tick using a combination of Gelid Cryothium AND Resonant Ender. Using ONLY Gelid Cryothium, it outputs about 2,620 RF/tick and with just Resonant Ender, outputs only about 2,580 RF/tick. All Three coolants use basically the same amount of fuel per tick, which is a very small amount. Too build the reactor: N = Reactor Casing G = Gelid Cryothium R = Resonant Ender F = Fuel Rods NNNNNNN NRRRRRN NRGFGRN NRFFFRN NRGFGRN NRRRRRN NNNNNNN The exact efficiency score is not accurate due to the mod pack I was playing with not using the same settings as Tekkit for fuel burn rate.
  20. Found 3 cats in my base. Now, must... string....

  21. jakalth


    I believe I can answer this whole question with one simple response: Maybe. But I think it just got delayed by another twelve shovels of gravel for this post alone....
  22. Hint #1, Cave World. otherwise you have too chase the glowstone too world height.
  23. An me interface can only have the one row of recipies in it. there is no way to increase the number of recipes an interface can hold, at this time. Building several me interfaces and furnaces has more then one benefit as stated. Spreading out your most commonly used recipes between the different furnaces allows them to be processed at the same time, speeding up the rate at which your system can auto process those requests. Even just having the recipes ballanced between two or three furnaces can make a very big difference. And when using the powered furnaces, like the TE redstone furnace, they will only use power when they need to, meaning your power demand will not go up just because you added another furnace. There is another option if you wish to stay ultra compact. You can place an interface on more then one side of a redstone furnace, you can set the furnace to accept items from any of the interfaces, meaning you'd only need to add another interface too your furnace, when the other one(s) run out of room for more recipes. This will be slower then using more furnaces but take up a bit less space.
  24. fission reactor is now called "reactor cell". Simple as that. The reactor cell can be stacked to make a more powerful multiblock reactor. Controlling the reactor though is still touch and go.
  25. There is the MFR Harvester, steve's carts, pistons, block breakers, or the flowing water trick. MFR Harvesters are the simplest to use and probably the cheapest to make for larger sugarcane fields. but for a small field, this is not true. They also require outside power to run. Steve's Carts are interesting to use, but comparatively costly to make. When used for trees, as you may know, they require coal or lava firing to keep them running. But, for an open field, like sugarcane, they can be powered entirely by solar power making them entirely self powered. but going fully solar does have drawbacks... Piston method can be either simple or complex to use, depending on the size and design you go with. For a small farm, it can be the most cost effective version. Automation can be simple(clock, vanilla style or using other devices) or far more interesting using other methods. For the flowing water method, you can use pistons as floodgates to create a flooded field type farm. When you want to harvest, the pistons are opened releasing water over the entire farm, harvesting all the sugarcane. The cane would need to be replanted afterwords. This can be done automaticly using autonamous activators. It is not a cheap method, but does scale quite well if you follow a tiered farm where the farm gradually gets lower every 6 or 7 blocks, starting at the flood gates. Block breaker(aka: terrain smasher) method works just like the piston method except that the block breakers also collect the sugarcane, making it a simpler build. But it is a bit more expensive to use then the piston method. There are other ways of doing a sugarcane farm as well. It is one of those plants that has many ways of doing the same task making it one of the more interesting plants to farm.
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