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  1. Good to hear. I'm realy looking forward to play Tekkit again.
  2. It has gone along time now and I have seen no sign of life in this mod pack. Is this it with Tekkit or will there come new updates to this pack in the future?
  3. Doesn't mean that Tekkit must be that aswell. Since you place Laser Drill in limited and Tekkit already have that only makes a stronger case for magical crop to be added to Tekkit. Since ore gathering is just a small part of the game and not even a hard part, magical crops is still not gonna affect the game play that much and it will only give the players more options to gather ores. I have noticed when you make large holes in the world I start to get x-ray problems on those areas. That is one of the reasons I realy don't like quarry and go for laser drill as fast as I can.
  4. It is realy anoying that you have made it forced on top when it is starting up or patching itself. Pls remove that.
  5. I realy think that magic crops have a place in Tekkit since it should have good synergy with planter/harvester, farming turtle and Steve's Carts. It is not a gamebreaker in anyway and it is so optional that it's so easy not to use in game if you doen't like it. When it comes to custom mods I haven't got a singel clue how it works and because of life I can't take the time to learn so I'm stuck with modpacks how they come.
  6. Magical crops seems intresting. I guess that what Sky Factory 2 are using for ore generating. Maybe it's something for Tekkit aswell for aditional ore generating. I always go for Laser Drill for ore generating since I realy doesnt like quarry or mining. Farming crops for ore could realy be intressting aproach to get the ore you whant.
  7. I have started a new world where I decided not to use quarry, laser drill and some other things I think is to OP. I quickly realised how much I realy doesnt like to mine. So for now I probably will go with programing mining turtle/s to do it. But the problem with that are they will leave big wholes that you can refill but not that intressted in that solution. Then I realised that I can create diamonds from trees using minium stone and accualy get some charges over to be able to create other stuff. Not the most efficient way but it works so I am gonna try and see how I best can "missuse" that to create ores from trees. But there is still alot of ores I can't create using minium stone. So here I would like to get some help with tips how you can create stuff without mining and not using Laser Drill. Would be realy nice if there is a possible ways to replace Laser Drill with other solutions and completly make mining obsolete like Laser Drill does.
  8. The only pictures I have are these but none that show the base. In the bioreactor room you see litle of the undergound base. The rest of the pictures are beneeth the bioreactor room, under all the water. We also had four laser drills upp in the skycity and you could see the beams from the underwater base, We had bluestained glass in the water so you couldn't see the glass in the water, keeping the water away from the laser beams. http://imgur.com/a/Cz72D
  9. Can't find any pictures but on our former world we had and an underwater base for the factory, storage and powerplant. Above that almost at the top of the buildable sky we had a skycity and a pillar between the underwater base and the skycity connecting them together. We used dimdoors as "elevator" in the pillar. We also had an underwater glassed tunnel with rails inside connecting our starting base where we kept our farms for the bioreactor with the underwater base. The tunnel was around 1500 blocks long.
  10. Doesn't take that long to get a fusion powerplant running and then have a laser drill at full speed. But you can go for and early laser drill and power it with lowtech power and still generate ores. More power you start to add = faster ore generating.
  11. Did you know that you can produce alot more mob essence then the cost to spawn a cloned version of a large slime in an auto-spawner, by letting diamond sword turtle/turtles first attacking them into small slimes and let a grinder kill the small ones and mfr sewers make mob essence of the exp balls comming from turtle killing large and medium slimes.
  12. Well the power of the server ain't the problem for sure and we don't have any lag problem. It's just that over time with a chunkloader on space station or mars the server starts to responds slower and slower untill it completly dies. It doesnt krasch just that it you can't connect to it anymore untill it have been restarted and then it works fine again. If we don't use chunkloader there we doesn't get this problem but then the active time of these dimentions are pretty low compared with always on 24/7 with chunk loader. But anyhow this post was to see if this is a common problem or something just our server have.
  13. misstyped, mars or spacestation. So this is a Minecraft vanilla problem then? How is it with chunkloaders on mystcraft worlds?
  14. Smacking a chunkloader on mars or spacestation = slowly killing the server. It just get slower and slower. Have no clue on moon since I haven't tryed to put a loader there. Am I alone with this or do more ppl have this problem?
  15. Build an interface that allows you to send information between a computer on earth to a computer in another dimention.
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