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  1. WorldEdit is not a mod, it doesn't add any blocks / machines / items to the game. It is a plugin. You MUST have the mods downloaded to your client (in a modpack probably) for you to join a server with them. No way around it.
  2. I don't, you must have like a really good gaming computer if you want to play tekkit with shaders. (My $1000 gaming pc lags a little on vanilla cm with shaders, it would no way be able to run shaders on tekkit)
  3. I actually play on NGG Tekkit server, I don't really use skype but if you would like to meet up in-game we can.
  4. I just joined the NGG gaming tekkit server, and me and my town there want to make a huge underground complex to store everything. I wanted to get inspiration for it! Please post pictures, videos, or downloads of awesome underground bases!
  5. I want to transfer my skin to the new 1.8 format but I need help. Could someone do this for me or walk me through it? I want this skin to be the clothing layer: And this to be the Normal layer : Help would be appreciated!
  6. I need help making something in Minecraft. I am not very good at redstone so please help. I want a Minecart system were I can select one of 2 destinations at the station. When I am at one of the destinations, I always want to go back to the starting station. I would like a button/lever that you could push to select the destination. Please give me a YouTube tutorial or a tutorial with pics, and tell me what gates to use and how to set it up. Thanks! Here's my design (need help with redstone as said above):
  7. How can I transfer a Tekkit Lite World to the new Tekkit? What programs do I need, item IDs to transfer ect. I know they have similar mods so hopefully I can easily transfer them.
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