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  1. Hello, This post is to Zlepper I already have a modpack which has over 100 mods, I wanna add 20 more mods, But I am lazy to add them, Cuz of all annoyance of description, author and mod link So, I was wondering how to use your app?
  2. Hello, I wanna ask you a question Have you made your first modpack ever and has over 60 mods and you want to update but the .zip file is too big? Have you ever wanted to show your players how many mods in your modpack without download? Well, Solder is the solution Solder is a PHP app made by Technic to make updating modpacks easier But Solder is for system experts, And you need a VPS or a Dedicated Server And you cant afford a VPS and cant install Solder? Simple, I offer a free solder hosting Solder is already setup on my VPS The free package contains unlimited mods And also, I can install Sol
  3. Nothing is impossible, You may try Recuva, I was making my modpack and upon launching it, The launcher deleted it, I used Recuva to recover most of the files, You might be lucky and get all your files back 1) Download and Install Recuva 2) Go to your saves folder and create the exact folder name of your world, i.e: Your world name was Technic World, then create a folder called Technic World 3) Launch Recuva and follow on-screen instructions
  4. Hello, I installed solder successfully on my vps, but when i go to the solder page in the public folder, it doesnt load, its blank its at solder.minewood-mc.co.uk/TechnicSolder/public
  5. Hello, I am making my own modpack and when I entered the cache folder of tekkitmain, I saw that the mods are in separate zips, I want it like that so it can reduce the size and I can update it any time I want instantly, How can I do it?
  6. Hello Tekkiteers, I have my Tekkit server which I recently converted to MCPC+ Before and After I converted it There was SEVERE errors in the console, And it wasent running at its max performance I give it Max 3 GB Ram and Min 2 GB But I want it run flawlessly I dont want errors in the console or so Can anyone help? You can contact me at Skype: Jacob0756
  7. Before I converted my Tekkit server to MCPC+ I added a WorldEdit mod into the server Why cant I do with other mods
  8. I added WorldEdit on my server, And it worked, But it wasent on my client So there got to be a way
  9. Isnt there a way to make it Server-Sided, So my clients must not download the mod?
  10. Go to youtube and search for :How to setup a modded minecraft servers with bukkit plugins It will be one with a big yellow text Thats the one Worked for me
  11. Hello I am running a Tekkit server but, I want to add MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod, Ferullo's Guns Mod I wanna add these 2 mods and some more in the future But when I add them in the mods directory, I try to login to my server but it says that I dont have these mods I dont want people to have them, But I want users to use them from the server, Not else For more info,I converted Tekkit into MCPC+ 1.6.4
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