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  1. Yeah, probably 100mB/T more than before.
  2. I wish I could tell, cause the reactor just says 0 water and 0 steam. But it is clearly water in it, cause the turbine starts using steam..
  3. With the new cables it works. Thanks! #Okay, it didn´t work.. Placed over 20 of those and it still isn´t enough..
  4. Okay, I guess I´ll give up ^^ It worked and I was able to rise my mB/T of steam, but I´m not able to give enough water to the reactor. Even a small 7x7 Reactor can´t be supplyed with 6 Transfer Node´s that are filled with 4x64 Speed Upgrades.. Even 12 of them filled with 4x64 Speed Upgrades aren´t able to get my temperature under 3,5k (core and casing). - Still tested with a 7x7 Reactor.
  5. ​I´m a bit confused right now.. So I should add a third input/output for the turbine? The first input is clearly for the steam, the first output is used for the water to pump it into the reactor and now I should add a second output for the steam aswell?
  6. I´m pretty shure, that the turbine should be able to accept a lot more than 120mB/T of steam. Also I changed a few blocks, such as the controller and made the turbine 1 block bigger, but it´s still not working.. Made a few screenshots, maybe you see something that I´m not able to see, cause of the long time I wasn´t using this mod. http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3966/agkscezp_png.htm​ http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3966/5ktopgjh_png.htm http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3966/m4h7qjbj_png.htm Problem solved.. Those fluiducts are pretty shit.. Totally forgot that their capacity is
  7. Shure, they are directly attached to the reactor/turbine - set to only send and get fluids, but it´s still 120mB/T..
  8. The last reactor I tested was 11x11 blocks with 4 fuel rods inside cooled with cryogen and graphite blocks. I used fluiducts to move and return steam/water. So may it be possible that the limit for fluiducts is 120mB/T? Guess I will test it out in a few minutes, but the reactor also says that he only produces 120mB/T. #Edit: Even with tesseracts the reactor still produces only 120mB/T so it´s not a problem of transportation..
  9. Hey, I created a reactor with the mod Big Reactors, filled it with this cryogen stuff and connected this one with a turbine. But my reactor always goes crazy with a temperature of 3-5k+ and produces only a max. of 120mB/T and I don´t know how I should be able to rise it.. Long time ago I built reactors + turbines and produced a lot more steam, water and of cause more energy, but now I feel like an absolut noob.. I even built a reactor as shown in a youtube video but I never get above those 120mB/T even if my reactor is bigger than you would ever be able to build in survival.. Hope that
  10. Hey, is there a way of combining those two mods? Would really like to hide a bit of my cables in small rooms, but microblocks has other plans ^^ Is there some kind of trick or patch? Didn´t find any info on the internet, the only thing you find out is a battle between some guys who thinks microblocks are working with every mod and the opposide side of cause.
  11. ​The way I installed it is the basic one, just putting the "ShadersModCore-1.6.4" into the mod folder and creating a ordner called "shaderpacks" to fill in shaderpacks. Hope you are able to run the shaders in tekkit main, if so please let me know how.
  12. Hey, just wanted to ask if there is a chance of using shaders in tekkit 1.6.4? Cause everytime I install this mod the area or sky goes dark, blue or what ever.. Tried different shaderpacks and different ShaderCore mods, but always the same result. My gpu and cpu aren´t bad, so it should be a problem in tekkit.. Is there a list of known mods that didn´t work with shaders? Or is there a special way of installing the shaders in tekkit? Hope somebody can help me.
  13. If uninstalling didn´t fix your problem you should try to get an older version of java, cause my tekkit stopped working after I installed java 8.xxx Try a java 7.xxx version.
  14. Hey, just wanted to ask if someone plays the tekkitmain modpack with a shadermod? If so please leave an answer, cause I would like to ask one or two questions.
  15. In this area I started to write about the problem but everytime I wanted to post the problem it got deleted cause something went wrong, but there was no specification so I did not know what to do...
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