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  1. Still at work, but i thought the same thing. Redstone Cells are 2k / 2k i think.
  2. Well, Redstone would be slightly cheaper (although resources don't seem to be an issue for me at the moment)... when i get home, i'll tinker a bit before my wife makes me play Warcraft with her.
  3. Also - i like the throttling system. I'm using it currently (albeit not with Resonate cells - Using redstone for a battery backup / buffer on a smaller machine system in another dimension) Mostly, though, i was hoping to find a true throughput reading. RFCC, while very close, seems to be limited in its capability with regards to energy flow because it tracks delta charge / tick. For example, in the above example, i'd get a reading of net 0 flow rate because i'm charging at the same rate i'm discharging. Not really helpful. LOL
  4. By that logic, you should be able to manage an entire laser drill setup with a single resonate energy cell. 2 input sides, 4 output sides, with the proper values set at 10k input, 5k output... or am i mistaken?
  5. I'm wanting to set up a proper power management system for my grid, and i found RFCC. I haven't started looking into it yet, as i'm still at work, but i was wondering if anyone has tried it out, how they'd rate it, and/or if they know of any tutorial videos for it that are worthwhile to watch. On a side note - What other (if any) power management systems have you tried, and what is the best? I'm basically looking for flow rate tracking for RF via Redstone Energy Conduit, so that i can properly throttle and control my energy flow. (In the past, i simply out-produced every machine i created and dumped everything i had into my grid. I'd like to avoid that if possible) Thanks!
  6. I used to use Hamachi, but not for minecraft. This was before the LogMeIn stuff.
  7. I know you mentioned not wanting to use the mining turtle because of the enormous hole it leaves behind, but you can do what i do and simply dig under the ground a bit and leave the top 10 or so levels of ground above in tact - preserving the terrain, and making your very own 'hollow world'
  8. All true, and i should have been more precise with my description regarding ports. I am using a custom startup script on my linux box - and i've already set up Java to force higher ram via args in the control panel in windows... so i am jumping the gun by about 2 shots.
  9. I find that running a dedicated server is quite simple, as long as you don't intend to tweak all the mods, and instead simply run a stock Tekkit server. If you're familiar with opening ports, then it's as simple as launching it up and sharing your IP address. If you're not familiar with opening ports, there are TONS of tutorials online that can do that. As for actually running the server - right-click the server.jar file that you download (from the downloads section), and select Open With -> choose Java. That should get you going. EDIT: If you're wanting a down and dirty walkthrough, i can probably type one up. I currently have a server that is whitelist only for just me and family / friends, running on a dedicated box in my basement.
  10. I've not played with Mysticraft, so i might look into that one. I'm also unfamiliar with spatial pylons, (are they mysticraft as well??) My teleport networks usually involve a pocket dimension and dimensional doors. Regarding the subway system...i've done that before, but i did a simple subway station, where each out-lane was a binary address (toggled on / off via levers) So for example, (for readability) my address would be 1357 (all levers in the 'off' position). Another address might be 2357 (first lever in the ON position, the rest in the OFF) This allowed for 8 unique lanes to be controlled and used. By adding in a 5th lever, you up the amt of lanes you can control to 16. There was a singular return lane, but the problem becomes going from one player base to another without the use of the central station. I'm not sure if this was your suggestion or not, but if not, yeah - the subway station is actually a really fun project. I just wish i could get more ppl playing on my server. As it is, i'm the only person that's on there reliably. My current project is actually a suggestion my 8yr old daughter gave me. A twist on 'Five Nights at Freddy's'. In this project, i've got a simple 'map' of the building representing the pathways and rooms (rooms are redstone lamps on this map). Each actual room is lined with pressure plates, which send a redstone signal to a wireless transmitter, which will, in turn, light up the appropriate lamp on my map. In each room (if you're playing the part of a bad guy), you'll have a button stuck somewhere that will allow you to open a door. I'm thinking i might want to make it open a random door, but i'm undecided on that. Right now, it opens a specific door. The 'night guard' will need to go and press a button near the door to close it again, thus saving himself...however - there are rows of pressure plates in the observation room which, when pressed, will force the opposite door open. CHALLENGES:
  11. I had actually thought about the flying scenario, but since my server is a private server with just friends, i don't think it'd be necessary. I hadn't considered buffs or the like - but i like the idea of say, getting in the proper lane to trigger a splash potion or teleport door pathway... Your idea is also giving me another idea regarding a kind of maze with puzzles... i'll have to think my way through that one.
  12. This is awesome. I'm running an almost fully decked out Modular Powersuit as it is, so i already know what kind of speeds i can get going on something like this. Add in some dimension hopping, and turn it into a relay race.
  13. So i'm playing Tekkit, and i'm pretty much at the end of my game, so i'm looking for some challenges to entice me. Here are a few thoughts on challenges that (in my mind) should be taken into account. While i understand that some ppl will read this and say to themselves "why even bother with challenges if you're not willing to 'challenge' yourself", hopefully enough readers will have a good idea and/or a project that they themselves have done and suggest them here. One of my projects (which could be considered a challenge) was the following. Another challenge could be the following. Most people have similar processing plants to the above suggestion, but mine handles (or can handle) all possible items, and has a small footprint. I'd love to see screenshots of others So, i know this was a stupid long post, and if you read through both of my challenge ideas for people (and yeah, they're not overly challenging...why do you think i'm asking for suggestions myself) then thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing responses here and trying to do some new stuff in Tekkit.
  14. That's disappointing. It used to make a pocket dimension and leave behind a rift. Had i known that, i'd have made 2 rift signatures instead and done my ender farm that way. Oh well, live and learn.
  15. That's good. I mean, dont' get me wrong - at first it was great... but then when you realize you basically don't have to do anything but sit there and wait, it just got meh.
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