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  1. okay i had a few test runs with the Cave World: It still wont use energized glowstone as main liquid block for the world gen. It does accept it for deep lakes for example. Since it is a Cave World you have access to them, but pumping the lakes one after another is not the efficiency i hoped for. I tried it with Cave & Ocean Biome and Cave & Mushroom Island Shore Biome. Have you got an Hint #2 ? :-) Cave World was good
  2. Hi, I just got a short question: Has anyone had luck creating (intentionally) an age with an energized glowstone ocean? It will probably be bloody laggy loading the first chunks due to the upflow. I successfully created oceans with cryotheum and ink. I haven't tried glowstone surface lakes yet, but that would be a lot of work to pump lots of it. My Description Book: Stone Block, Energized Glowstone Block, Flat World, Ocean Biome, Single Biome, Zenith Phase, Zero Length, Normal Sun, No Weather, Bright Lighting, ... natural colors ... , Caves, Caves, Caves, Ravines, Ravines, Dungeon, D
  3. since the moon is technically another dimension, you could use the rift signature with a warp door. The needed world threads for these are found in chests within the dungeons of Dimensional Doors. But nothing beats a ride on rocket Edit: Of course you can also use the rift signature for travel within one dimension I was only pointing out that the Galacticraft Moon is just another dimension and no weird stuff
  4. *drool* sounds pretty cool I like the fact that you cant just setup a quarry or laser drill to progress in AE, since you have to find these meteors. But I think it is gonna be some time until Tekkit is 1.7.10 since 1.2.10 needs to get recommended and 1.7.10 build from scratch.
  5. Thanks! Thought that no recipes in nei meant no recipes at all. Was still thinking of ic2 uranium which was processed like a normal ore So the question remains if retrogeneration in already generated chunks supposed to work is? That would be nice, otherwise a faraway quarry with tesseracts and a rift signature spacetime-tunnel to your base isn't really annoying. Thanks so far for all the replies
  6. Hi, any progress so far on Uranium? Retroactive Generation does not work with uranium for me. It is turned on globally and for uraninite in world.cfg and worldcustom aswell. If I turn on generation in atomic science.cfg it spawns in newly generated chunks, but with the wrong spawning behaviour: Clustersize seems to be single block and 1 cluster per chunk (tested 8 chunks got 6 uraninite) Single block cluster have been observed by me by exploring myself in fresh chunks. Also or more important: I cant use that uraninite. It's in the ore dictionary and thats it. No other recipes! So maybe it ha
  7. Hi,

    have you discovered any uranium yet? Got the same problem :( No generation with or without activating generation in the atomic science config. It should work on already generated chunks... but it's not even in newly generated chunks.

    So, have you found a solution yet apart from making a new world?

  8. just tried it in my world. could not feed it coal from several directions. Coal pops out of the pipe like the engine wasn't there. But you can use steam engines as an alternative. Just build an aqueous accumulator aswell to maintain watersupply
  9. Hi, no major bugs so far apart from that adv. wooden pipe and auto crafting table bug: you can extract product via normal wooden pipes from all sides btw. Maybe they are just not supposed to be used with advanced wooden pipes. Combination seems rather useless to me. Anyways: How do I get uranite to spawn in my world? it is a tekkit 1.5.2 and all ores are there except the latest uranite. configs say retrogen active overall and for uranite especially aswell. Is it strictly necessery to mine in unexplored regions for uranite or is the retrogen option supposed to work on already generated chunk
  10. Hi, CanVox, since you read my post and quoted it, I should think that you read it all. I also said, I tested extraction from above and under: https://www.dropbox.com/s/24bcipy81gbi73m/autocraftingbench_adv.woodenpipe_bug_1.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/h758b3kthi5yqpt/autocraftingbench_adv.woodenpipe_bug_2.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lrg3a541ocwsye/autocraftingbench_adv.woodenpipe_bug_3.jpg So, if it is really my machine, don't think so, tell me. Feel free to try it yourself, or someone else try it please. Otherwise you might got a bug in there. The adv. wooden pipes do work on chests
  11. okay, I'm sorry to say that, but theres an incompatibility bug with the autocrafting bench and advaned wooden pipe: you cant extract the product with the advanced wooden pipes. it works with normal wooden pipes. It doesnt work on ALL sides aswell, see screenshots. Tested also above and under, but that would have messed up the overview in the screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/24bcipy81gbi73m/autocraftingbench_adv.woodenpipe_bug_1.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/h758b3kthi5yqpt/autocraftingbench_adv.woodenpipe_bug_2.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lrg3a541ocwsye/autocraftingbench_adv.woode
  12. Dudes, I wanted to reply earlier, but the forum was not accessable from europe 10 hours ago. If you want the easiest method to figure out how much of what ore per chunk. Just have a look at the configs. go config, then cofh and look at the world.cfg there you got everything to know about it: minY, maxY, approx. clustersize, approx. clusters per chunk :)
  13. thanks so i was actually dumb was just building the factory and thought some free energy while I build isn't bad They work on wooden pipes like you said. In earlier Tekkit versions you could run them without connecting them to anything.
  14. Maybe I'm a little dumb right now, but how do I turn on a redstone engine? Usually it was working with a turned on lever or a redstone torch... Doesn't work or they changed it https://www.dropbox.com/s/bysprh661xxlq88/RedstoneEngine_not_working.jpg
  15. Just wanted to add to the performance issue. The memory usage goes up to ~1600Mb and goes down to 600Mb. Got a 125FPS when standing still in my house and approx 80fps when flying creative. Seems to be pretty much normal. No redstone whatsoever in this world. All settings are set to default, so no permgen increase. Also seems that Tekkit gives itself 4Gb of Ram although theres the setting for 1Gb in the launcher. I report back if anything happens. graphics card is radeonhd 7870 1050Mhz core 1200mhz ram (factory defaults) but as mentioned the bluescreen seems to be gone.
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