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  1. 1) Sturlie 2) 28yoa 3) no removed items/mods sounds interesting, especially for mystcraft and dimensional doors 4) no skype for me, do I need to get it?
  2. Sturlie

    Chunk Corruption

    Hello, so I recently started having a problem with a few of the chunks in my Tekkit world. I've done a bit of research in an effort to resolve the problem, but have come up against a wall and there is nothing else I have the expertise to resolve myself or find a resolution too. A couple of weeks ago I started having a major lag problem in a handful of my chunks. It's only occuring in this one handful of adjacent chunks. Basically when I enter any of these handful of chunks I get extraordinary lag unto the game being unplayable within this area. I haven't done anything in these specific chunks
  3. Sturlie


    "99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code, take one down patch it around, 128 bugs in the code" Anyway, sorry to be a pest, I'm just not really sure how the system works or whats really considered normal so I thought here might be the best place to ask. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  4. Sturlie


    Okay so first I'm not asking when, I'm asking if. As is and as near as I can tell Tekkit is currently operating off of Minecraft 1.6 (if I'm reading it right) I'm just curious if there are plans to update to 1.8 at some point in the future (obviously after it becomes possible to do so, I heard about the forge bug)
  5. Are you looking for Steel instead? http://wiki.technicpack.net/Steel_Dust
  6. I don't knwo for certain or a lot about it, but I think there are some galacticcraft blocks which can be crafted using obsidian which have some blast resistance to them.
  7. You could also use the obsidian chests from Iron Chests for blastproof storage. Though I don't know how economincal that is compared to TE Strongboxes
  8. How does one go about updating their world in order to use it on a newer version of the game??? I've had issues in the past of world not being compatible with newer versions, I'm told it's because of block id's and items id's changing from version to version, but I am unsure of how it is possible to update a world in order to continue playing it between versions. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Could always ask your server admin to turn it off for you then. Possibly see if other players feel similiarly, might pan out. Also though since the menu also allows you to manage your waypoints I'm sure it's probably not disable on servers (though again I've not tried it on a server myself so I could be wrong). Mayn't be a bad idea to tap it next time you log just to see, worse that happens is I'm completely wrong and your back to square one and it only takes less than a second to find out. Good luck in any case.
  10. If you tap 'm' on your keyboard it will offer you a menu which does have the option to change mob visibility in there someplace. I don't never if you can turn it off completely that way (since I haven't tried and don't want too), but if you want to turn it off you might look at that to see if that's in the options. Good luck to you
  11. To be honest I've occasional used it when creeper grief jacked up my base. Not wholly sure I want to turn it off, just keep it in case of emergencies.
  12. Isn't there some kind of reinforced block in the GC mod? Do Meteors break Obsidian?
  13. You should be able to pump it into buildcraft pipes if you place them against the appropriate side with the abovementioned orange output, make sure they're sealed/waterproof pipes. I've yet to experiment with TE liquiducts myself may be possible to do so.
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