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  1. Is it possible to create more than one world and travel between them and maybe also transfer items? Greetings
  2. That was the mistake. Didn't get the update information Thanks ^^
  3. Looks like you are running out of memory. "Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded". So 2 GB are not enogh for Tekkit/MPCP with all that plugins. Greets
  4. Place an resonant energy cell and an aluminium wire connecting to it. Place the side of the wire to output => Instant infinite energy. Bug or Feature? Can someone confirm this bug?
  5. Hey there, another question. The Particle Accelerator says Status: Fail to emit; try rotating. But i tried rotating it with a wrench and nothing happens.(Obviously the Face changed) What is the key to get this thing working? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys, how am I able to link the ME Wireless Access Terminal to my ME network? I already placed the ME Wireless Access Terminal into the Powerfist, but when I try to place it into the ME Controller nothing happens. Do I have to link it before installing?
  7. Where is it und why is the equivalent reactor cell only be able to rotate 4 Turbines over the Cell. What to do with the Toxic Waste?
  8. I think that only works on Singleplayer and not Multiplayer. Therefore i am looking for a server solution But thanks for the help anyways
  9. Hey there. I visited the official Thread of Rei's Minimap and the only possible way to change the visibility of players and mobs is to change the motd. Now the question is this possible via tekkit or do i have to install another plugin for that? Greets
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