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  1. A crash happened 10 minutes ago. Due to that, I lost 10 stacks of oak wood and about a stack of the seeds below: Cotton Mandrake Tomatoes Potatoes Rice Coffee Barley Belladonna If I won't get a refund during 24 hours, I'll leave the server and never join there again. I'll be playing at 8:00-15:00 CET. ARE YOU DOING A SERVER SAVE AFTER EVERY ONE HOUR OR WHAT? I'm not the only one who lost so much stuff and there's no way we're talking about a single incident. Enough is enough. Join the discussion here please: http://mc-icraft.net/forum/m/12332860/viewthread/11181032-lost-stuff-due-to-crash-last-time/page/1
  2. And what about your server's hardware? AMD Athlon X2 or something else? That's not the way you should advertise.
  3. So I've heard you want to run a modified server with 87 mods and 1GB of RAM?
  4. Ugh, I really like to play B-Team modpack but it's impossible to enjoy it with other players - all servers are crashing and even those with the most badass hardware! Modpacks creators, please - DO SOMETHING!

  5. That's unbelievable how B-Team is unoptimized. Even with 32GB of RAM and a goddamn Xeon CPU, the server is still lagging and crashing. I hope mappack creators will do something to fix it - many people are actually losing their stuff and morphs because of these issues. Also the server is decent but playable - I have some complains against the staff but that's minor.
  6. All dual core (and above ofc) CPUs are able to run at x64. Some people think that 64-bit systems require more from hardware so they can run slower on some CPUs. Simply - that is false.
  7. 1 GB is way too less for big mod packs like B-Team and the other. You should get more RAM. It is possible to get more than 3.25 GB on 32-bit OS by using a modified kernel - but that might cause many severe problems. If you want to extend your memory to 4 GB, get a x64 OS.
  8. We can't tell if your hardware is enough until you won't give us more details. What are the laptop manufacturer and model? What are the desktop PC specifications?
  9. Can you check that?


  10. I'm getting frame drops from 100-150 to 30-40 after ~30 minutes of playing. What can I do? - Allocated memory - tried 1.5 GB and 2 GB - Lowered graphical settings - still the same My PC: - Intel Core i5-3350P 3.1 GHz (4 cores) - Kingston 4GB DDR3-1333 - Asus Radeon HD7770 1GB - Windows 8.1 x64 All other modpacks are running flawlessly (Hexxit, Hack/Mine, FTB...).
  11. Same for me - launcher makes my PC to completely stop responding to anything so I have to reset my computer. Is there any other way to get Hexxit, eg. from Feed the Beast Launcher?
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