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  1. After a long hiatus I'm back with a new LP series. For those of you who don't know me (most of you) I do videos of modded minecraft. Right now I'm doing a solo playthrough of Regrowth, but I have several other series recorded if you want more tech-heavy videos. Some interesting facts about my videos: -My videos are basically rated PG, so are safe for the whole family!!!! -Studies have shown that watching my videos increases your intelligence and appeal to the opposite sex -Sometimes I talk to 6 year olds during filming -I have been known to completely forget what I am doing -There is a secret map hidden in the videos that leads to huge prizes -At least one of the above facts is slightly exaggerated And here's some stuff:
  2. and also episodes 19-24 (I suck at updating this thread)
  3. Hey guys, I'm adding a parallel LP to my modded minecraft series that is all about multi-player hexxit. I've invited 10 or so people to play on the server and the first episode was a blast! Episode 1 was just me getting a feel for the mod, and then episode 2 is a map reset with all the new folks. I'll try to post regular episodes of this on Wednesday and Friday. Episode 3: Episode 2: Episode 1:
  4. Episodes 14-17 (sorry I've been out of town)
  5. Hi guys, I am real bad at posting updates when I make new vids but I'm about 12 videos into a new map so thought I'd toss up a thread. I can't promise to stay on top of the thread so if you want to talk to me you can find me in #technic on irc.synirc.net or in #Wylkervids on irc.esper.net Episode 24: Episode 23: Episode 22: Episode 21: Episode 20: Episode 19: Episode 18: Episode 17: Episode 16: Episode 15: Episode 14: Episode 13: Episode 12: Episode 11: Episode 10: Episode 9: Episode 8: Episode 7: Episode 6: Episode 5: Episode 4: Episode 3: Episode 2: Episode 1:
  6. I have installed about 10 times and changed folders every time and not had this issue. I tried to reproduce it and could not.
  7. If it helps, instmods are just jarmods. You can build them into a pack by combining them all into a single mod called modpack.jar and placing it in the ./bin folder of the pack zip.
  8. No one should be including a minecraft.jar in their packs. There is no reason to do so and if they are then THEY are responsible for distributing it and it has nothing to do with Technic.