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  1. IGN: Vissychan How old are you?: 32, and yeah, I know I'm old How often are you available and in what timezone?: I'm a stay at home father/carer, so I'd be on most days, unless a problem means I have to dedicate more time to my family duties. I'm in the UK, so GMT How long have you been playing Tekkit / Minecraft?: Started when tekkit beta came out, been playing ever since Previous bans (include reason): None. How did you hear about us?: Typed in good tekkit lite servers to google, it sent me to the forums here Have you read and agreed to our server rules, and read the FAQ completely?: I have and I do, took a while but all seems sensible Why would you be a good addition to the server?: Hmm, well, I'm friendly, I'm honest, I like to play, learn and help others, and I build pretty houses and HUGE IC2 crossbreeding farms! Warning though, I am TERRIBLE with redpower as I tend to try and play "organic" with renewable energy and growing resources instead of mining where possible.
  2. APPLICATION age:32 In Game Name: Vissychan favorite Tekkit mod: IC2, I LOVE farming, crossbreeding and making huge "organic" fields and farms, kinda a hippy!!
  3. Age: 32. Location: Manchester, England Build Style: Pretty houses and HUGE IC2 farms. I prefer to play "organic" an grow resources rather than mine where possible Why you want to join: sounds like a fun server with sensible rules. What you can offer: Interesting builds, slightly odd humour and cake! IGN: Vissychan
  4. Name: Vissychan is IGN, Andi is RL name Age: 31...yeah, I'm old... What do you wish to accomplish?: I love IC2 farming! I would love to build a huge ferru/stickreed farm, and use it for trading. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Oh yes, a LOT> Redpower I'm not so good, BC I'm ok, IC2 I like to think I'm rather good what is the purpose of a macerator? grind up ore blocks. Metal ore becomes 2 dust, coal becomes 1 dust, bones become 5 bone meal etc Recommendations(if you been invited): Nope Others things i should know: british, so I may be on at odd times!
  5. IGN: Vissychan Character Name: Sean McGarrity Character Age: 31 Character Sex: Male Real Age: 31 Real sex: Male Backstory: Upon his retirement from the military, Sergeant Sean settled back to his life on the family homestead, farming and caring for his animals. Unfortunately, the war in which he served spread, devastating his homeland, ravaging his farm, and causing the deaths of his son and wife. Dispirited and alone, he wandered the land looking for a purpose, and a new place to call home. Though farming is in his blood, and he is a peaceful soul at heart, he is no stranger to violence, or the consequences of violence, and has sworn to protect his new home, his property, and those he meets, with swift, lethal retribution if necessary. ((I will be playing and roleplaying as a peaceful farmer. If attacked, or if the circumstances deem it, I will revert to the military type character he once was))
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