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  1. The bug was resolved, I fount on github someone else posting this, the link: https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicLauncher/issues/420 and they said to delete the legacy.json file in %appdata%.technic\assets\indexes\legacy.json, and I did that, and it got fixed. I recognised my mistake when looking at the folder and launcher launching at the same time, previously I had stopped the launcher because it was stuck loading on something, and next time I launched, as it loaded on the same thing I saw the legacy.json be generated again. I believe when I stopped the launcher, the legacy.json file was c
  2. Launcher Version: 383 Operating System: Windows 8 x64 Java Version: jre7 Antivirus Program: Avast Description of Problem: When I select tekkit lite, and press "Play" it starts launching and crashed at Processing Version..., and sometimes at other times. I've tried resetting the pack also, but it just delayed the error to further loading points and didn't change anything. Error Messages: Unexpected Error An unexpected error has occured - Please report to https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicLauncher/issues Error: Error Log: Stack Trace: Exception: Js
  3. The canvas bag isn't only used for duping, it's true purpose is for extra inventory space, and it has issues in the way it works meaning it can be exploited and used as a duplication tool. Although, I mean yes it should be banned, just saying it's not only used for duping, it's the most efficient and easy storing item in all of tekkit lite. I'm not joining the server though, just giving my feedback on the quick-review of this server post. I'm looking for some very good server.
  4. There aren't any Nether Spawns still... I don't even have a single blaze rod or ghast tear which I find really important.
  5. conrad6501 spammed the chat with afk command, not such a big thing. But I spotted it and it was annoying for other players. So I want to help them get rid of the frustration from afk spamming from conrad if he ever does do that again. Evidence: http://i.imgur.com/1kagkUj.jpg?1
  6. I had that error long ago too. I copied and pasted HV Solar Arrays with worldedit and started getting these errors after two hours. I think you shouldn't ever use worldedit on Industrial Craft 2 machinery. Best to never have to use worldedit on mod blocks if you are playing survival. But I don't know the real cause or anything. It happened to me twice. Right about two hours after playing around with worldedit on IC2
  7. You could unban me, but I wouldn't like to see Icy or whoever else you mean by 3lite or whatever's faces again. Just get them or him not to ever freaking annoy me again. Like if they do I hope you believe that without having me to post 10 posts again for you to change your mind. Make sure no fucking account ever gives out items to anyone please. And lastly, make your 1st priority to make sure the server doesn't ever freakin have to reset the world.
  8. http://pastebin.com/rxKVf4df Error, I don't know what's the problem. I'm using port 25555, everything's okay. No other server is accessing the same world unless I'm not informed by my own computer well enough ¬_¬. Plugins that might be the cause, maybe? I don't know: ClearLag, PermissionsEx, PTweaks, WorldEdit, WorldGuard. I got more but I think this might be the only interest.
  9. 3lite was involved. I definetely know. And if you are 3lite, please, just please stop lying for once. If you could just admitt that you or 3lite if you aren't him, that yes you/3lite made a mistake. I would stop getting so annoyed, stop posting negative threads here and you/3lite could just tell everyone that you/3lite will never ever do this again. And same goes for Icy! It won't kill you.
  10. I don't want a ban appeal. Because the server is ahem, won't say. But even if I did want to. All of what I would ever write is here, but double the detail. Please think properly. and once again that's not putting effort into making a proper server post is it now?
  11. 3lite gave me a fucking bronze sword to protect myself from a blaze he or Icy spawned. That's giving out items and plus, he didn't want to fix this. Oh what a good, owner he said he was. If that's you P:
  12. I was weakly informed because eventually what I have proof for you give free items to random players! I don't like that, I wasn't informed. And did I ask ICY to search for a cave for me? Did I ask him to do that? I'm not crippled you know. Seriously, I go play survival then an admin comes up, takes a mining laser and starts shooting into the mountain side of where you would want to build something at. What would be your reaction!? And ICY's excuse is I was searching a cave for you. DId I ask him? No. If you told me that you give out random people random items. I would of known, and not played
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