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  1. Istealbudder and his friends have had enough warnings, one has already been banned and istealbudder is now going to be banned, he has had several warnings to stop fly-hacking. From now on hacking and duping will be punished more severely ONE warning any offence after that and it's a perm ban.
  2. No, That should be fine. To be honest we have no idea why there are no nether spawns :/ According to the all the related configs they should be spawning.
  3. No, That should be fine. To be honest we have no idea why there are no nether spawns :/ According to the all the related configs they should be spawning.
  4. This will be looked into. Nicolasxd, No admins would steal your things. Safes will not be banned. EDIT: Oh and as for the login issues, DarkRuub is correct. That has been a Mojang issue.
  5. I am sorry KatunerX but we ARE a griefing and raiding server. You can take what you've learned and build better or strong, or perhaps find a more peaceful server, you might be happier there? After all, no ONE server can give everyone what they want, and we would like to stay true to what we wanted for our server when it was created, which Is for it to be a very hardcore raiding server. Guys, As for the server being down, im not sure what's caused it but it's back up. :)
  6. I agree the spawn killing, (While not against server rules, the idea we had was for these sorts of players to be ostracised and punished by the community ) has become a problem. We will be looking into a plugin to give players PvP immunity for an hour or so on first login (as R_o_n suggested) Although with the new plans to create a proper spawn the problem will be eliminated altogether soon. The staff of cataclysm would also like to apologise for the pro-longed and unexpected downtime earlier today, There was an unexplained problem with our server host as fatman has said (not sure how he even knows who our host is, good work lol). As a side note, id like to say the main faction who has been spawn killing has been nuked to hell (admins are being blamed but from my knowledge they were wirelessly tracked while, Spawn killing (LOL). I wont release who the person was that done this but I personally happened to be watching from the sidelines during it. Also, as for the grief of the initial spawn unfortunately there is no way to effectively protect against this without banning items and we refuse to do so unless a particular item is causing actual problems for the server. So for now, enjoy climbing your way out of a nuke hole like nothing you've ever seen before. Thank you all for the kind words too by the way. EDIT: Alo its great to hear we were at max capacity. If It keeps up the server slots will be upgraded.
  7. Wolfertok, Your application and interest is much appreciated. Though we've decided to go with a player owned plotted marketplace, so each player will purchase their plot and then build their own shop. :)
  8. Our apologies, It looks like Mystcraft is going to have to be removed. It is expectedly causing way too many crashes.
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