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  1. My donation got refunded and I was notified by email. The email also said that "the server was shutting down" (for good), as quoted by pixelpix. ((((
  2. Guys - I just got an email from pixlepix. The server shut down :'(
  3. This server has been down way too much lately. And when It is on, it is incredibly laggy. Too laggy for any of the players to enjoy their time. I really don't know what to tell you. Get a new computer? Idk, just, fix the server, will ya? Thanks :)
  4. The server is really bugged right now. When I join, I get kicked. WTF!??!
  5. The server has been down for a long time now, when will it be back up?
  6. Oh and one more thing - spawn is glitched up apparently thanks to a quantum battery box :/ If anyone goes to spawn, they crash.
  7. <---- 0_o Hi pixlepix - I have two problems: 1) On March 26,2013 I donated $25 to the server, and the transaction DID go through via Paypal on, but while I was filling in all the necessary information for donating, I noticed that I was not asked to enter my In-game name, Amir_egypt_101. When I went on the server, I couldn't do /kit donor. All I ask is that I get what I payed for. Thanks 2)I can't connect to the server, is it down?
  8. Also, when it occasionally connects, i cant connect to any servers...
  9. Well, it opens, but crashes a split second after. Help?