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  1. Ingame Name:Camaloony Reason of joining:I watch Ethos Lab MindCrack server and would love to join a server and not have to worry about griefers. Experience:I have played Tekkit for 2years. I have had 2mods, 1CoOwner on servers and am currently Admin on another. Age:17 Favorite mod:I have to admin Buildcraft is the best
  2. IGN:Camaloony Real Name:Cameron Ofoluwa Time Zone:GMT Something about yourself:I love gaming and will do it till I die ! What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?):English What do you want to do on this server (Everyone should have a shop): I want to build big without world resets or worry about griefers and restricted items. Do you have a Youtube Channel:Yes. If so, will you be willing to film?:Not until Christmas. I am getting a new 16gb comp I can record with.
  3. Title: I keep crashing Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: jdk1.7.0_21 Description of Problem: Im playing on a server and every so often my character data corrupts Error Messages: It doesnt show me, screen just goes white Error Log: at buildcraft.additionalpipes.network.NetworkHandler.onTelePipeDesc(NetworkHandler.java:67) at buildcraft.additionalpipes.network.NetworkHandler.onPacketData(NetworkHandler.java:54) at forge.MessageManager.dispatchIncomingMessage(MessageManager.java:432) at forge.ForgeHooksClient.onCustomPayload(ForgeHooksClient.java:620) at adl.a(NetClientHandler.java:1170) at ee.a(SourceFile:46) at lg.b(NetworkManager.java:343) at adl.b(NetClientHandler.java:71) at je.c(SourceFile:50) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(Minecraft.java:1877) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:825) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:753) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) 2013/06/29 09:55:57 [sEVERE] 2013-06-29 09:55:57 [sEVERE] 42 mods loaded Optifine OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_S_C6 Minecraft Forge FML v2.2.106.176 Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 mod_CodeChickenCore : Available (modpack.jar) mod_MinecraftForge : Available (modpack.jar) mod_NotEnoughItems : Available (modpack.jar) mod_WorldEditCUI : Available (modpack.jar) mod_ReiMinimap : Available ([1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_04.zip) mod_IC2 : Available (industrialcraft-2-client_1.97.jar) mod_IC2AdvancedMachines : Available (AdvancedMachines_4.0_client.zip) mod_BuildCraftCore : Available (buildcraft-client-A-core-2.2.14.zip) mod_BuildCraftBuilders : Available (buildcraft-client-B-builders-2.2.14.zip) mod_BuildCraftEnergy : Available (buildcraft-client-B-energy-2.2.14.zip) mod_BuildCraftFactory : Available (buildcraft-client-B-factory-2.2.14.zip) mod_BuildCraftTransport : Available (buildcraft-client-B-transport-2.2.14.zip) mod_AdditionalPipes : Available (buildcraft-client-DA-additionalpipes-2.1.3.zip) mod_ComputerCraft : Available (ComputerCraft) mod_RedPowerMachine : Available (RedPowerMachine-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_ccSensors : Available (ccSensors-client-MC125-B017pr1.zip) mod_CCTurtle : Available (ComputerCraft) mod_EE : Available (EE2ClientV1.4.6.5.jar) mod_EnderStorage : Available (EnderStorage-Client 1.1.3.zip) mod_IC2NuclearControl : Available (IC2NuclearControl_client_v1.1.10b.zip) mod_ImmibisCore : Available (immibis-core_49.1.1_for_1.2.5-client.jar) mod_InvTweaks : Available (InvTweaks-1.41b-1.2.4.zip) mod_MAtmos_forModLoader : Available (MAtmos_packaged.zip) mod_ModularForceFieldSystem : Available (mffs_rev7_for_1.2.5-client.zip) mod_IC2_ChargingBench : Available (mod_chargingbench-client-1.95b-1.2.5-r1.zip) mod_CompactSolars : Available (mod_compactsolars-client- mod_IronChest : Available (mod_ironchests-client- mod_RedPowerCore : Available (RedPowerCore-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_NetherOres : Available (NetherOres_Client_1.2.1.zip) mod_PowerConverters : Available (PowerConverters_Client_1.3.4.zip) mod_Railcraft : Available (Railcraft_Client_5.3.3.zip) mod_RedPowerControl : Available (RedPowerControl-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_RedPowerLighting : Available (RedPowerLighting-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_RedPowerLogic : Available (RedPowerLogic-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_RedPowerWiring : Available (RedPowerWiring-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_RedPowerWorld : Available (RedPowerWorld-2.0pr5b2.zip) mod_TubeStuff : Available (tubestuff_49.1.2_for_1.2.5-client.jar) Balkon's WeaponMod : Available (WeaponMod.zip) mod_WirelessRedstoneCore : Available (WR-CBE Core-Client mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons : Available (WR-CBE Addons-Client mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower : Available (WR-CBE RedPower-Client mod_ImmiChunkLoaders : Available (zdimensional-anchor_rev3.2_for_1.2.5-client.jar) 2013/06/29 09:55:58 [iNFO] Stopping! 2013/06/29 09:55:58 [iNFO] SoundSystem shutting down... 2013/06/29 09:55:58 [iNFO] Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com 2013/06/29 09:56:39 [iNFO] Exiting mod pack