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  1. Guys. Seriously. It comes down to your personal preference. If the team were worried about dividing the fan base because condensers/collectors etc. were removed, maybe they should add an option in the config text files for NEI/TMI and EE to re-enable them if people so wish to use them. Stop the petty fan wars for the love of notch! Each mod has an overpowered aspect to it, which is brought even more to light when compared to others. It's not really fair to penalise one mod for it's faults and OP-ness when other mods in the pack have aspects which are just as bad, my point is, different mods deliver you different things. EE2 delivers you a way to generate blocks without having to mine them, and while you wait for it to do that, you can do other things. You put 2-4 hours in any mod and your going to reap the rewards from it, no matter what anyone says, whether it's free stuff from EMC, or Quantum armour, it doesn't matter. IC2 can be just as op as EE2 (example - HV Solar Arrays, having enough of these can fill an MFSU almost instantly, that much has been overlooked) they take a long time to make, JUST like the MK1,2-3 collectors and relays from EE2). Take into consideration the hours of mining you will need to do with both mods, and you'll see they're as OP as each other in different ways. You need at least 5 diamonds for a physical condenser, and another 3 to grab the obsidian required for it, and the dark blue covalence dust, which is another diamond. You need to invest more into EE2, which people may find hard to believe because of IC2's recipes and machines, but think about it; most of those machines don't need diamonds. EE2' machines need heck of a lot more. Naturally you should get more! Even then the armor you get from IC2 is far better and quicker to get than the damned gem armour which costs the world to make, and doesn't even give you complete invulnerability. You need a plethora of other items to be a god in EE2, which is another downside to it, it clutters the hotbar. The Nanosaber also is almost as powerful as the Red Katar on mobs, and dispatches players wearing nano much faster. Sorry about that rant, this is EE3... I'm intrigued to see what the developers come up with! I don't mind change and I'm really looking forward to see what replaces the main mechanics of EE2, especially that little teaser of being able to "pipe" emc! The machines we people will create..
  2. In Game Name - Blasphemarii Age - 20 Time Zone - UK (London) Tekkit Experience - Yes, plenty. Amount Played - Been playing vanilla since Alpha 1.2.3_04, and Tekkit since version 2.1.0 Tell us why you would like to play on your server - I don't very often come across people my age playing Minecraft, so I feel this is a great opportunity to do so, I would be mad to pass it up. It's also rare to come across a server which has not banned nearly every item that makes Tekkit what it is. Previously banned from a server - Not at all, I am a law-abiding citizen of Minecraftia. I know you ask 21+ but I can promise I have a mature outlook on almost anything and I'm very empathetic.
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