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  1. "Nyeeess!! Lava! What a brilliant idea! I'm so glad I thought of it, now he will never escape! Hawhawhawhwahaw!!!"
  2. [img width=400] This is my bedroom, which is underground. It's darker than it's going to be, and I'm probably going to raise the roof. (Heh.) But I can't decide what to make the walls, I was going to do plain marble with glowstone either; A) Dotted around randomly, or B) At regular spots which would be three blocks apart at head height level on the wall. If anyone else can think of something better, that would be great. I just CAN'T decide.
  3. Jay? taking interest in my thread [img width=200] Well, other than a luvly little house, no, but it's in a grasslands biome with some clusters of tress dotted around.
  4. I usually browse through here and try out this map and that. So I thought I'd introduce my world right now, it's just a lovely, little spot beside a pond. I hope whoever tries it enjoys it. :3 Download Link (Updated.): Screenshot Gallery:
  5. The first thing I did was modify all the piping system to pump uranium cells so all nuclear reactors would overload at once. Feels good man. Best three hours ever.
  6. I have nothing to contribute to this thread. But here I am. Hello everyone.