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  1. IGN: askerck Age:16 Country:NOrway Tekkit Experience: I have played tekkit and tekkit lite for some mounth Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: no Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:I am looking for a nice server where i Can build and make machines
  2. I have a server that is what you are looking for

    please email me with game name if interested in [email protected]

  3. Name (or nickname): Torri Minecraft username: askerck Age (at least 10): 16 How long you have been playing Minecraft: 2,5 years How long you have been playing Tekkit or Technic: almost 1 year How much you play Minecraft per week: 10 hours Why you want to play on this server: I am looking for a good Tekkit lite server, and have not find one yet What your favorite things about Minecraft is: Mining and building machines Do you have skype and a microphone: Yes
  4. What is your Minecraft username? askerck How old are you? 20 In what country do you live? Norway Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example No Have you read through the thread as you should to avoid unnecessary questions later? Yes What is the command to claim a chunk? /claim chunk Do you accept our usage of Glizer** and give us permission to use it? Yes
  5. IGN: askerck Age: 20 Location: Norway Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Build and create
  6. Username: askerck Age: 20 Why Tekkitopia? I really want a nice server with whitelist, so it is no grifers. and this looks like a very good server. Your secret code: 9ger