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  1. IGN: BBDogg Character Name: Agros Character Age:27 Character Sex: Male Real Age: 14 Real sex: Twice a week (Male lol) Backstory: Agros always spent time with his father in the forges. That is where his love for smitihng came from. At the age of 16, Agros left his small farm to go study Smithing and Hunting at the College of Paarthuus (P-are-th-oo-s). He graduated at age 23 , in hopes of pursuing a life as a blacksmith. But that was when he got the bad news. During his third year in college, his family was killed in a bandit raid. He was enraged to the boiling point. He swore that he would avenge his family and kill the bandits tat killed his family, The Marauders.
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