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  1. Hey, Mark1, as Niavmai said, there shouldn't be a "modpack" folder in "bin", just the "modpack.jar" directly. You can make it by just renaming the Forge zip like you did. No need to place the class files from all the mods in that one, though. Just place all your mods directly in the "mods" folder. A few mods, like "NotEnoughItems", have to go into "coremods". (There are a tiny few mods that do require you to place stuff in the "modpack.jar". Like Optifine, I think.) To begin with, I don't think you actually need to include any config files unless you want to include an edited version of them. So if you haven't modified any config files, just leave that folder empty for now. (If you need to get a clean config file for a mod, one way to get at them is to install the mod, run Minecraft and then check the config folder. There should now be a config file for your newly installed mod.) One common reason you might want to include these is when you've edited them to resolve block-ID issues. If you want to see the folder/file structure for yourself, just check out the folder for any modpack you've already installed via the Launcher. Besides all the stuff that gets downloaded and unpacked, it'll have the four folders you mentioned with all the files as they need to be. Hope that helps.
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    For most big mods, block-ID's are declared in the config file, separately for each mod. You can find them in the "config" folder of the modpack's folder.
  3. I've had a few instances where it works again, but mostly I just get the error message.
  4. Hey. There's a thread here with the same problem (and title).
  5. I'm suddenly getting this message whenever I try to type in the Platform delivery URL to add a new pack. It's been fine up until this morning, but now I get this message every time I try. I've tried restarting, reinstalling the launcher, trying different modpacks (like "Big Dig Pack") with the same result. I'm copying and pasting directly. Anyone know what's causing this?
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