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  1. I've been experiencing very inconsistent long waits for pack updates and changes to appear. Sometimes it is immediate, others it doesn't seem to appear or update at all. Or it just might take 30 minutes. Sometimes I can update again and then the update will appear in the launcher. This is the same for version updates, new launcher files, logos, etc. Often after waiting for a long time, I try again and update with a new file name and version. Then immediately the pack updates but with the recent version instead of the new one.
  2. It's working now. Except for the JAR mods (Optifine/etc). That only excludes 2 mods though.
  3. No mod packs work as of right now 1/100 times when trying to add them. It's getting really irritating. Especially considering I'm trying to make my own mod pack work and can't because I can't add it to see if it's working.
  4. Yea, I maintained a pretty "popular" mod list at one time with information on where the mods go, etc so I'm aware of all that. I'm having a lot of problems with the parsing errors so it's making it really difficult to get this right. I have to use the configs I have cause it gets the IDs right. I just include some like Gregtech in case someone needs them.
  5. The launcher can do it itself. That's kind of the point. No differently than how it auto assembles the rest, or how MultiMC does it for you.
  6. Yea, just going by the quasi-helpful information available. I would prefer to just be able to place the JAR mods in a JAR folder rather than having to place them in the modpack.jar.
  7. I am not entirely sure of the structure of the mod pack folders. Currently I have: bin config mods coremods In the bin folder there is: modpack/modpack.jar In the modpack jar, I basically renamed the Forge ZIP to modpack.jar and copied the files from the JAR mods into that folder (like what you would do if you manually installed a JAR mod). Or do you place the actual mod archives into the /modpack/ folder (not in the modpack.jar)? In the config folder, I have all the files from my MultiMC config folder.
  8. First you sell your expensive toaster and then you buy a PC.
  9. Was flying today above the city and suddenly I appeared in lava and lost my 600 tekkit flying ring. Pissed me off to such an extent that I just gave the city away and am putting down Minecraft. It's been fun.
  10. If you code a mod that is freely distributed (100% of Minecraft mods) the point is to get it out there and distribute it. Therefore you WANT it to be distributed by any means necessary. Unless you're well, dimwitted. Which is unfortunately the case for many Minecraft modders who say "Don't include this in mod packs". But let's no go using logic on the Internet. That wouldn't do at all. And as far as any "rights" they may have: they have none. If someone wants to take their mod and put it wherever they want, they have that right. Only one with any say in the matter is Mojang. So in my o
  11. Some guys in #EE told me that multi-world plugins/mods could cause the issues with transmute tablets. Whether or not that is the case I don't know. They like to push the mods issues onto other mods/plugins instead of admitting that there are bugs and whatnot. I've been unable to get the table to work whatsoever outside of getting 2-3 basic items to transmute into things like coal/charcoal.
  12. Hey man, could you do me a favor? Could you delete my file in the world folder that has something to do with the transmutation table? I was advised by the guys in the EE IRC that it might fix some of my issues with the transmutation tablet. At first it seemed to work Ok (minus having to re-open it if I had pulled anything out of it to be able to take something else out of it). Now it refuses to learn anything. Is stuck in Fuel mode (even though it says not locked) Etc. Putting a Klein Star on it doesn't fix the locked issue. I have like 150,000 EMC I would like to transmute to get some parts t
  13. I don't mind populated there just doesn't appear to be... land features that I need if you know what I mean :P
  14. No offense, but the worldgen is horrible. I tend to look for deserts (for cactus), rubber trees and what not. When I start on a server I'll walk for as long as I can to get away from people. I hit the edge of the map on your server after rowing for like 30 minutes and I was literally in massive ocean for half of that time. There seems to be very little land. What land there is, is featureless. Just grass or jungle with nothing of real value. There's also towns and structures everywhere there is land (most of them seem to look like they've been hit by a tornado and 10% of the structure is left)
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