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  1. It's down while Cadet reinstalls missing plugins and permissions.
  2. Yay, now fix those permissions and plugins.
  3. To be honest, I have to concur with Gambrous. You should be seeking service before Money, otherwise you are litterally wasting money. You are currently not getting your money's worth atm.
  4. Is the energy cost for smelting 3 at a time, the same as 1 at a time in the Smelting Factory?
  5. Well aware of the Enrichment chamber. Forgot about the smelting factory, does it consume less energy to smelt?
  6. What's held me back is the lack of Iron and Redstone, otherwise I'd have 32 Heat Generators providing me enough energy to power multiple furnaces.. I had so much unsmelted ore. Coal generators are horribly misbalanced. Furnaces smelt at 8 per coal. When you use a Generator, it's much less.
  7. Meh it'll get everyone on the same page for restart. I can see the mass disperse in all directions occuring. 2 weeks later, someone throws the first missile at someone.
  8. Awwh damn, there goes my 18 heat generators, 250 chickens, massive pumpkin and wheat farm and all that redstone I worked so hard to find after dodging the lava infested underground.
  9. Server has been done for a while, I may have to look somewhere else
  10. CommanderLoh A very good ammount of experience I'd like to join cause I have been unable to find a server that has been up and stable all the time.
  11. Cadet, I would ask to be reimbursed for the time lost. You arn't receiving what you are paying for.
  12. Volts is a PvP War mod, end of. ICBM is the most dominantly used mod along with it's requirements for use. It makes the mod alot better to include more ways to PvP in this way. Redpower 2 Modern Weapons Mod Planes Mod It's just Missiles and Grenades at the moment, these mods added to the pack will really spice it up. Also remove all different forms of steel and change it to all products are of the same would be really helpful in making the mod far more stable and cleaner. The now abandoned Zeppelin mod would of been the most amazing addition to this mod pack if it wasn't abandoned and left out of SMP.
  13. I believe that the website they're using is a very basic free website. Widgets for server up status and possibly google maps (which would be very bad for a PvP server like this) would not be possible. But then again, this is only an assumption. Cadet is the only one we know who may have these answers.
  14. Spoke to Cadet, the machine the server is on (server hosting) is currently losing it's shit, causing a multitude of crashes.