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  1. Iv watched videos where people cross breed flowers but i cant because i cannot put flowers in crops. I put 3 blocks underneath farmland, direct view to roof and glowstone next to it. Still not able to plant.
  2. Hey, Splort! This is Euth with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  3. So, I am attempting to reach the server right now, and on my list it cannot be reached, and direct connect tells me "Java.socket". I'm not sure whether the server is down, or just lagging hard.
  4. IGN (In Game Name): Splort Age: 15 Why Horizon?: Looking for a friendly Hexxit server without griefing and without all dungeons already explored. What is your goal on the server?: To make tons of friends and go on a binge dungeon spree.
  5. You've got a great server! + With he wireless trackers, If you set yourself on fire, They fly off of you, And then if you step on them they get back on you, But lava is always a solution. If you jump into a bit of lava, They fly off, But burn in the lava, so it saves time when cleaning up.
  6. I cannot find that item ID inside the factorization config, All ID's i get are item { I:acid=19024 I:angularSaw=19042 I:bagOfHolding=19001 I:barrelEnlarge=19032 I:battery=19033 I:chargemeter=19029 I:coil=19026 I:darkIron=19008 I:diamondCuttingHead=19038 I:diamondShard=19006 I:fan=19028 I:heatHole=19046 I:inverium=19040 I:itemCraftId=19000 I:leadIngot=19014 I:logicMatrix=19044 I:logicMatrixID=19045 I:logicMatrixProgrammer=19043 I:magnet=19025 I:mechaBouyantBarrel=19021 I:mechaChasis=19009 I:mechaChest=19011 I:mechaCobbleDrive=19022 I:mechaFoot=19013 I:mechaHead=19010 I:mechaLeg=19012 I:mechaMountedPiston=19023 I:mechaSpring=19047 I:mirror=19030 I:motor=19027 I:oreCleanGravel=19035 I:oreCrystal=19037 I:oreDirtyGravel=19034 I:oreReduced=19036 I:pocketCraftingTable=19002 I:routerEject=19031 I:routerItemFilter=19016 I:routerMachineFilter=19017 I:routerSpeed=19018 I:routerThorough=19019 I:routerThroughput=19020 I:sculptTool=19041 I:silverIngot=19015 I:sludge=19039 I:wandOfCooling=19005 I:wrathIgniter=19007 I know it might be a silly mistake, But im not too savvy in tekkitlite.
  7. Iv googled and searched, But every post is about sulfur and saltpeter. Iv been collecting it because it seems rare, But i have no use for it, Someone please explain?
  8. I dont know what log to put in, There are multiple txt files..
  9. Launcher Version: Operating System: 64 bit Java Version: Antivirus Program: Microsoft Security Essentials Description of Problem: I can only play technic or tekkit, and iv grown tired of them for a bit and wanted to try something new, But every time i try a diffrent mod, I get the same warning pop-up "Update failed".....Wat do? Error Messages: "Update failed" Error Log: