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  1. Age 20 Why do I want to play in this server? I'm looking foward to join a good and professional tekkit server which consist of good and helpful community and this server seems to have most of it ( if not all ) What i want to build? A huge base & hidden storage which is cool and impressive !!! Is there anything i would add? not much actually, looking foward to join as soon as possible =D
  2. Banned 2 players because they failed to agree with server rules, we stated clearly that we NEVER WELCOME player who refuse to agree and abide the rules. They threaten the server owner too.
  3. Hey lets connect to this awesome server =D who know we might actually be able to connect to it !!!! Haaa
  4. Official Announcement - UltimateGoDLikE Step Down From Being An Owner Of Heaven Touch Tekkit Lite Server. Your new server owner will be adrianTRAPMASTER. The reason i step down is because my collage burden is increasing day by day as my exam are getting nearer and nearer. Im really tired to fixing the server everyday and maintaining it is a pain in the ass. I hereby thank every admin and moderator that invest lots of time in this server and make it a real great server. I would also like to thank every donator that contribute to our server to make it really fun and enjoyable. Without you guys heaven touch will not be what it is now. Lastly i believe your new owner will do better than me and i wish everyone all the best in the future. Thanks =D.
  5. All above are the complaints on the server and most of them the owner just said they're a kid and his admin is not abusing. I even witnessed afew. Owh his another mod miztar got promoted to admin for just fixing spawn a littlebit. =D what a good reason to promote. And people who solve things and help out get demoted and mute . Donate for admin and you can legally abuse player and admin !! LOL
  6. Guys look page 1 - 5 then you'll know who is lying =P. Admin abusing and owner just say all player who complaint is a kid and doesn't bother to do anything. Just join and see for yourself =). Wanna be mod? make cody happy or make sure you're a girl who can seduce him, you dont need to be capable and responsible, Mod and admin's job is to please the owner. Admin who really contribute get demoted by owner because he never care to please the owner and always speak the truth. Admin and mods who abuse player, spam all caps and vulgar, ignoring player who need help is acceptable. I love how things go on in this way =P.
  7. I officially resign as admin from this server. The owner is not being rational and admin backstabbing each other, server is laggy but owner say he doesn't care, fixing /f admin take years, grief happen on a daily basis, raiding never stop for a day. There's problem from the owner to the player base. Everything is a huge mess. Owner doesn't care about the server and the player. Move on and find a better one. He never feel bad for believing in some accusation and yell at someone who contribute to his server. To him anything related to the server is not important, what matter the most is his mood. When he's happy he simply make player mod.
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