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  1. Try removing Thaumcraft temporarily and see if it will load.
  2. I tried doing the custom resource pack with sounds, but that didn't work either. We probably just going to have to wait for a launcher update.
  3. Post the crash log. I got Flans mod to work with forge so it should be possible.
  4. Yeah it sounds like it, but just trying a way to get around it and temporarily fix it. I even tried creating some custom resource packs with sound changes but no luck lol.
  5. Thanks again Pixel, I did get 1.6.4 working after a few different attempts. I am experiencing the same problem as you though. I looked in the modpack folder after running the game through the launcher and noticed that assets folder was pretty empty. I have a local copy of the game working also with the regular minecraft launcher so I updated the pack with that assets folder. Unfortunately it didn't seem to fix the problem though. Did you have any success fixing this? Another little annoyance is the only way i can seem to login is to change the online-mode to false. Otherwise it gives m
  6. You can change that to false in config\biomesoplenty\misc.cfg change: B:"Enable Puddles During Rain"=true to: B:"Enable Puddles During Rain"=false
  7. If you are using the idfix mod, copy the idfix.txt to your client and overwrite it. That fixed this error for me.it was in the root folder where the launcher was.
  8. Thanks Pixel I did try that, but failed lol. I will try it again. Thanks
  9. How did you get the technic launcher to load forge in order for it to run the mods folder? When I try to make the 1.6+ custom pack it always loads vanilla 1.6+ instead of the forge version.
  10. Thanks for the reply keepcalm & for all your hard work. I wish I knew more to help. Here is more info on the two above problems in case it might help. Creepers explode fine if you turn off the settings in worldguard and in essentials both. If you turn off block damage on either one independently though, it causes the new behavior of just sitting there in cloud not fully blowing up. (this didn't happen in 5.1) Multiverse is just confused on the worlds, 5.1 saved them as [email protected], and it now saves them as 0 (-1 and 1). So it is getting close! -- If we could just tell multiverse wher
  11. Multiverse keeps being listed as working, but I can't get import to work at all. It still only lists a "0" for the world as unloaded (which doesn't load either with the proper command, just gives an error). Using latest version of everything as of about 5 minutes of this post. Also, creepers are not exploding at all now, they just freeze on the screen with a static puff of smoke under them. No errors in server log. That one could be my client maybe? Will try it on a different computer just for the heck of it. (wasn't the client, one of my friends was connected and had same problem, we cou
  12. Still can't get multiverse to work here. Also anyone else have a problem when moving over to 5.2 with server letting anyone (even localhost) connect? It usually works on first load, then when I need to reboot server it reloads fine but am unable to connect to it. No errors or anything to give me a clue to what is going on lol.
  13. I noticed Multiverse is listed as working again in the main page list. The newer updates are saving worlds as 0, 1, and -1 now instead of [email protected] etc. I still get an error when trying to load/import or any other multiverse type commands. Is there something I am still doing wrong? Really trying to avoid using mystcraft as a resource world lol.
  14. I got essentials and worldedit working as soon as I removed ForgeEssentials and then changed the config.yml in GrouPManager under "mirrors". I put them as [email protected]: [email protected]: - users - groups [email protected]: - users - groups (Make sure you leave spacing the same as in the config file) I also am just editing each individual manually so that I don't have to whitelist the server by just adding them to the users section in worlds (make sure you are changing the ones in [email protected] and not world). I think by removing forgeessentials that will fix the other problems li
  15. Thanks for the fast reply! Been bugging me that I couldn't get that working. Does this have something to do with how it creates a [email protected] folder? Having a hard time configuring stuff since I am not sure which folder does what (since there is a world & a [email protected]). Any way to get it not to create that folder? It might get multiverse working and make configuring other things easier. Thanks for making this post, really loving tekkit lite!
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