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  1. Age: 18 IGN: anpoca Do you have Teamspeak or Skype?: yes, Skype. Why do you want to play?: The team-based theme sounds great to me. I'm a competitive team player and this seems to be the perfect environment for me. I also wish to test out my ComputerCraft safety systems. What do you know?: ComputerCraft, mostly, but I also know the basics of buildcraft. I also consider myself a good architect. How long have you been playing?: I played Vanilla since beta 1.3 (one year and a half, two maybe?) and Tekkit since January or so.
  2. IGN: anpoca Character Name: The Businessman Character Age: Unknown. It is said he always existed. Character Sex: Male. (at least he seems to be a male, although no one has ever checked) Real Age: 18 Real sex: male Backstory: There are many unnatural things in the world. Some are mutants, some are magic, some are failed science projects or aliens. And then there's the businessman. An inexpressive being, always seen with a black suit and a formal haircut. No one knows where did he come from, nor what is his goal. It has a tendency to wander alone, traveling from town to town. Once it arrives a town, he quickly looks for a job or business to co-operate with, usually working as engineer, computer programmer, architect or builder, with top efficiency, although he seems to dislike manual labors besides building. No one knows for how long he'll be here, and no one knows how much money is he going to carry when he leaves.
  3. Name: Andreu Minecraft username: anpoca Age: 18 Preferred tekkit mod: ComputerCraft. Are you banned in any server (Y/N):N
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