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  1. Any chance for help here? If anything an honest link to where I need to go.
  2. This is what I need. Main focus is this. skyblock download. Directions where to put the downloaded items. If you know of a good skyblock server to play on if you feel like it would you post the information here please. Sorry over looked that I could not post about servers. If mod can edit the name so there is not a server list added I would be grateful
  3. I have searched and every one I have loaded onto the loader fails. If you would send me to the right place by link within this forum I would be grateful.
  4. I hear what your saying and thanks for not deleting my post. When she who must be obeyed allows me to I will do that. Also I am not a programmer and dont know how to do the things I am asking I need to refer to your knowledge.
  5. Map area from spawn I hope you can see where I am going with this. (1)+\+ |+/-(2) --------x------- (3)+/- | -/-(4) I am sorry for the diagram again. I see a lot of people join servers to play on factions. The problem I have seen is nobody recruits people to their factions. [My idea] X= x=0,y=0 or Spawn. 1,2,3,4 are section on the map not multiple worlds. This is where people that leave spawn through a portal/warp.... will be placed onto the section random location or spawn. After your placed on the map in any of the four sections you are labeled Section 1, Section 2,
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