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  1. Cool. My next experiment is on the molecular breakdown on anti-matter atomic particles. I hope you are excited...
  2. Dinfar. Are you a certain race, or are you another boring, old human that I can use in my experiments?
  3. No. Not yet. I'm not white-listed yet. The server owner (One with red pegasis thumbnail) hasn't been on since about 3 today.
  4. I know, but by the role-play thingy-ma-jiger, or whatever you want to call it, mine and yours is comparable.
  5. IGN: Turbosquirel Character Name: Justin Character Age: 23 Character Sex: Male Real Age: 15 Real Sex: Male Backstory: He was born on planet Javex, home of one of the many elven races. He grew up in the elven motropolis, Solsticine, located in a dense jungle, isolated from any other elven civilization. There, everyone had a certain talent, his being the ability to create peace using magic and his voice, basically wherever he went. One day, when Justin was 23, a vicious force that had only one known name, The Ancient Evil, cast dark magic on Javex. Chaos raged everywhere, towns and cities burnt down, riots emerged, and Justin was the only one who could cease their panic. By then, he had learned all the spells in the book. He cast a spell to exile The Ancient Evil to a distant place that has not yet been reached by either time or space itself. This forbidden magic, however, cost him his life. As he was about to enter the Void, he heard a voice in his head. "Since you have done good to everyone, and banished The Ancient Evil, I give you a choice. Either choose to go where anyone would have gone at the point of death, or have another chance at life, but in another dimension, and with lesser magic. Choose now and wisely." Justin chose to have another chance at life so he could spread peace to this new dimension. When he arrived, he took a deep breath, and headed off to start his new life. Description: Elf, Male 23 Years Old Brown Hair Orange iris 6' 5" Wears a green bandana Wears a forest green suit of elven wieve Skilled in the arts of magic, but naive in knowledge of tech Good at spreading and making peace