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  1. This bug has been solved so then this infinite energy method doesnt' work anymore
  2. That's only for versions 1.6 and beyond, and is a mod in "mods" folder For MC 1.5 still uses the jar, si is fastest.
  3. Ha! I knew i wasn't crazy, thaanks a lot It's working now BTW
  4. Can you teach me what did you do? just to get clear.
  5. Yes sir, i've tried the ultra version and the normal version from this site: http://optifine.net/downloads.php But they are like "installers" for the freaking 1.6.4+ profiles
  6. If you teach how to place optifine in B-Team you are a god, because the downloads from optifine official site are for creating some kind of profile, i don't know.
  7. Hey, this is a simple suggestion right here. What about including Optifine by default in the Hexxit mod-pack is a very heavy pack in a version of Minecraft that works like a pile of garbage with the "new" lighting system made by the guy who doesn't now how to make things in java notch. So yeah, if you install optifine it kinda "works" for a little more, until you get the memory sucking your ram and againg the same problems, but it lets you taste the game for a while. Greets!
  8. Yeh, Thaumcraft guy is a little bitchy, but is his work so whatever. And to the post creator: yeah, some people have problems and others don't, but for what i know, the modpack is a like a dice game, some guys win, and others don't :P
  9. I have no idea, but i awnser you so you don't feel ignored :)
  10. More mods to an already bugged as hell modpack :| i don't like the idea. I understand that is really annoying to manually save all the items, but the modpack actually is very bugged and memory consuming, so if you even add more mods, you are only going to get less playability, and more problems
  11. You have to enable it in the server config files, explore the server folder until you find the mod specific folder.
  12. Ok, so for first checking. You have the lastest launcher version? (i thi1nk is #374) Then, the error log says something about a file located: C:/Users/Imran/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/hexxit/config/Project Zulu/ProjectZuluMobBiomeConfig.cfg:2913 so Imran, try deleting it and test it again, because it seems is giving you problems. Also, how much ram you have? Just to know. I hope we can help you with this :D
  13. Em... try deleting the whole hexxit and restarting again.
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