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  1. Try giving your Technic Launcher more ram by clicking on the gear at the top right and choose your memory. If that doesn't help, then try completely re-installing Technic.
  2. Pumping lava/electricity/items through a Teleport pipe into different dimensions won't work. Instead, set up a condenser that condenses lava buckets that go into a Liquid Unloader, that way, not only does it not have to be in the nether, but its infinite lava!
  3. So for the last 10 or so days, my server console has been spamming slotChanging(0) over and over again right on start up. The flood of those messages/spams are constant that it makes it to where I can't even see normal logs, like "<Player> joined the game.". I want this fixed. I've tried numerous things and its starting to get on my nerves. If anyone knows a solution, feel free to reply! ~Thanks!
  4. Hello, So me and I friend recently made a really good factory on my server. Everything was running very smoothly, but upon while making the factory, we noticed that most of the Automatic Crafting Table MKIIs weren't working properly and weren't dispensing out items in the pipe like they should, but we saw that their would be items blurting out in one big wave rather than one item a second, and most of the times it would just never dispense out anything. When my friend had to leave, I tried figuring out the problem myself. I soon come to find out that the ACT MKIIs were glitched. Coal Dust
  5. So about a week ago, me and some friends started a Tekkit Classic world together, and I ran the console and the server. When I finished a Quarry in the nether, I decided to put World Anchors(I'm thinking this is the problem. Ever since I placed the World Anchors, the Nether lagged like sh*t.) in each chunk surrounding the quarry because I knew the quarry wouldn't be making any progress because we'd be spending most of the time in the overworld. About 2 hours after I left the nether with the World Anchors around the quarry, I decided to check on it. The second I entered the nether, I froze. I w
  6. So I recently found out on my other thread that I can change Ore spawning system in my modpack by going into the World.cfg in the cofh folder. I followed a guide on another thread on how to increase the spawn rate of all ores including non-vanilla ores. When I make a brand new world, their is barely any effect. I look in every other cofh file I can find anything. Can someone link a .cfg file or show me a guide that has the ore spawn rate like Hexxit for Minecraft version 1.6.4? Thanks! -SignatureGnomePower
  7. Yes. I've searched in the MC forum, the Hexxit and BigDig forum, and googled it. I can't find it anywhere.
  8. Hello, So I've been searching for the mod to where you can find diamonds easier on the surface and spawn more frequently in dungeon chests, in caves. The mod is in Hexxit, but I don't know what its called. If you know the name of it or the author who made the mod, then please tell me. Thanks! -SignatureGnomePower
  9. Like I said in the guide thread, "I f*cking hate my cum-puter"
  10. I got the direct link download, but when I put it in my Technic modpack link, it says "You must provide a valid link to your custom zip." Or if your talking about the modpack direct link, then here. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/modpack.zip?w=AAC7WqSM0S5A_AlW775O-vyDLrQjRoDBnUmSksOaQwZSDQ&sjid=2016
  11. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/mpz-private-modpack.218604
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e93vxoqewtnfs5y/modpack.zip Hopefully that link works. ;p
  13. Hello, So I recently made a modpack for myself. I followed this guide in this video. II did exactly what he told me to do, but when I attempt to launch my modpack, a window pops up saying "Error Unzipping File." Please help me!
  14. Doesn't work for me, like everything else on this cum-puter. I F*cking hate it. At this time, I have like 14 modpack folders in my resycle bin that I attempted to make.
  15. 1. I think 2. Yes I recently migrated my account on a new G-mail account. That might be why. Is their anyway I can change it for the Technic Launcher?
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