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  1. OK I'm sorry for any interference caused by me my stuff or surroundings but please if possible could gen or an admin move my player to spawn.
  2. I have played since then and it has all been fine so I dont know...
  3. I believe it may be the Tesla tower that zaps me when I join instantly if possible could high turn off all my machines or tp me to spawn
  4. Gen as a long time player Please can I please have the opportunity to build a new shop at spawn
  5. just leave it people highshootown is OK if pieltrek isn't playing. also you shouldn't really care if he tried to get you banned if your not.
  6. jef calm down and just untrust high btw this is Angryemu65
  7. I think highshootown is just being stupid and has argued with other players he is sometimes unsociable and I just try not to load the chunks near his house
  8. And jef just cos u don't love raven you did unclaim the station :D