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  1. For anyone interested please see the Server Website for important updates and information. Please note the IP change to
  2. An update for everyone, The server is experiencing the long running IC2 Halloween bug, will fix soon Update for those who have not checked on the server. The server is set to Peaceful with mob spawning disabled until the end of Nov 1st. On the second it will return to normal.
  3. Server IP has Changed, please use 158:69:22:224:25500 Generic-Land Bio (Server has been reset in Sept 2015, will reset again in April 2016) This is the fourth generation of Generic-Land, an open survival world. Here you can decide what, how, and where you want to do anything. We have a nice friendly community and we are always looking for new players from all across the world to join us. Be respectful and follow the rules and everyone will have a great time. Please Read all of the rules of you may find yourself banned, and we don’t want that. Contact Info at bottom of page. Server Feat
  4. The bug was with MCPC+ version we were using and an update to the MC auth server. Its all fixed now(well actually about 2 weeks ago), Also updated all the mods to their most current but still 1.6.4 versions. Enjoy and have fun.
  5. Hi gen. It is Lowcorpse coming to tell you that your trustworthy friend loffrendo87, has just demoted me because he thinks I cheated in the solar arrays on the day of the reset. Can you please tell him that you did this and that this is your choice, not mine? When you respond, plz tell me if you took them all away but 6, because loff is being very oppressive right now. He does not trust me, and in result, he demoted me for false accusations. He does not believe u gave me them. Can u plz have...

  6. Well guys I have bad news. The host i use says their server had a "critical failure" and that the data is lost. This will take us a few days to work on but as of right now the world is a total loss. Their response is that they will credit the server for 7 days worth of time for the inconvenience, its almost insulting for the amount of time lost for everyone involved. I will keep everyone updated as we move forward, please give a little bit to see what can be salvaged, but I did not have a local copy of the world file... So I apologize but it will end up being a complete re-install.
  7. Hey guys, Another over due update. I have just finished moving and spend 10 days with out internet... yes it was hard. Looks like i have alot to catch up on. If you need to get a hold of me use steam chat first then messages me here second. Anyways, thanks go out to my staff for keeping the server mostly standing in my absence.
  8. Hi my in game name is Darkened_Echo I don't see anything in the way of a template so I'm just going to use this. I would like to be a moderator on Genericland. I'm experienced with MFR, ic2, Buildcraft, AE, and thermal expansion and have been playing on the server since genericland 1 on my friend's account (22craftman). I enjoy helping people in-game and have never been banned or kicked for any reason. I am active from 4:00pm to 8:00pm (eastern time UTC -5:00 - Ontario) almos...

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      Never use this forum so I hope I can figure it out.

  9. Generic-Land is now reset, Please tell your friends and hop on for some fun. Also check out my other server, running a custom modpack.

  10. OK update on the reset. I have copied over the players houses that were on or left me a location. Talk to an admin to get it pasted. (admins use //schem list to see them all) Spawn looks great, but needs some work still. Server shop and economy are a work in progress. Look for updates in the next couple days. PVP arena is open and attached to spawn. players do lose money for being killed in the arena, the killer revives some money as a reward. Players caught using gear that is not allowed in the arena will be banned from having them at all. Fight fair and may the best player win. Mini
  11. My other server (tekkit lite) ​Generic-Land M3:TP Bio This is the newest generation of Generic-Land, an open survival world. Here you can decide what, how, and where you want to do anything. We follow a similar path as tekkit lite where allow crazy crafting chains, and large projects. This modpack is full of new and interesting features to allow you to build crazy building blending magic and tech like never before. We have a nice friendly community and we are always looking for new players from all across the world to join us. This server is based in Chicago, IL. Be respectful and fo
  12. Hello everyone, Thanks for the reply. I will do a reset on Saturday night, March 8th. I will be on the server for most of Sat. afternoon, to help move everyone's bases, Please be on so I can help you out.
  13. Hey guys, Been a very busy last 2 weeks. Got a lot of dental work done and a lot of time with school and work. but you don't need all the details. Sorry for the delays, I have reset everyone who posted in this thread (that needed it) and I have some updates for the server status. Don't use the mining word, you can use a quarry in the over world until the restart, March 31 (unless it is moved up) I can move the restart date up and prob will as the server is empty most days, post if you have any feeling one way or the other. I am thinking March 7th, thats a week from today. Suggestions
  14. This is the old posting, please remove and/or allow this topic to sick into oblivion. After 21+ pages of comments and bug fixes and a restart, it seems prudent to start a clean thread for the new server.
  15. Play the server, have fun,and make friends. You know you want to. << platform URL>> http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/mad3ngineers-techpack-updated
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