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  1. no idea, heared a roumor that generics been on the server solo making some changes but still no idea what... would be good if we had a way to communicate long term owntimes an such like maby a forum post? maby its loffs cake shop getting ready for the grand opening....or maby gen saw my base and closed the server in sheer awe and amazment ^^ either way, hope its up soon. i like the people on this server.
  2. hi, getting an error..saying server out of date?? is this somthing on my part or not?
  3. come on server its been a long day just got home need to throw some cubes before bed ^^
  4. im stil getting the client out of date thing (1.6.4 client out of date,) im not sure if its my end or server end? I can get onto other srevers so not sure, any help would be great loff
  5. Hey guys, im having some problem connecting.. when I hit multiplayer its telling me that 1.6.4 client is out of date.. ive redownloaded tekkit and I must be running the latest version but im a bit of a noob when it comes to things like this so if anyone could throw me some help iid appreciate it, I like this server but its doing my head in that I can hardly ever get on.. Many thanks, Dave