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  1. You realize that your knowledge about the situation is invalid. Tell me otherwise but you were there and so was gen. Unless you are lying, which I suspect, then you were afk when this had happened, or busy with other server things. I was literally begging gen for the Solars at that time. He gave me 8 at first and 2 stacks of uu matter. But I told him and explained the situation. He then gave me a stack of hvs because of what I said. That is the truth and message this to gen even! He knows...

  2. Hi gen. It is Lowcorpse coming to tell you that your trustworthy friend loffrendo87, has just demoted me because he thinks I cheated in the solar arrays on the day of the reset. Can you please tell him that you did this and that this is your choice, not mine? When you respond, plz tell me if you took them all away but 6, because loff is being very oppressive right now. He does not trust me, and in result, he demoted me for false accusations. He does not believe u gave me them. Can u plz have...

  3. Arron don't leave! I am trying to get all the problems fixed on the server but honestly there are many more mods and admins on the other server right now. The reset is making everyone go crazy including me. There are so many things going on right now that it is hard to do everything. I will try as hard as I can to help you but the other server is always available if this does not work!

  4. Attention all of the land of Generic! I, Lowcorpse, after the reset, will be creating the new mine here world for the server! I have many mystcraft pages to choose from, over one-hundred, and I can create a custom, luxurious world for all! If anyone would like to request specific things to be featured, other than what I'm putting in, then I will consider your choice. I hope all are prepared for the D-Day of the old! Out with the old and in with the new! - Lowcorpse
  5. I am now the official creator of the new reset genericland server! I will be creating the mine here world from mystic raft pages that I have found and traded for over the time on the server

  6. how can i get the launcher to 1.6.4? I am using the technic launcher, but i cannot upsate M3 tp to 1.6.4, what do i do?
  7. Hello im Lowcorpse, one of the players on the Generic-land server. I am a mod on this server and am looking too become a mod on the new server since you are desiring people to take up administrative positions. Please message me back if you take me into consideration.

  8. hi its me lowcorpse

  9. Generic-Tag, i am one of the players on your tekkit lite server, lowcorpse, who owns low. co. on the server and is a full member already. i was wishing to be a moderator on the server because of your need of them. I have had previous experience being an administrator and admin on other servers, and I know the rules and capabilities of the moderator and the server. lease consider me in your choosing of moderators in the future. Sincerely, Lowcorpse
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