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  1. So happy to be back on the server after a long break. Lot of people coming on the server everyday, happy to see everyone is getting along. Also, just finished the jail, hopefully we won't have to use it at all! Also, thank you Pkd906 for building the pvp arena. I know it's not done yet but it already looks great!
  2. We also know about the crashing problem in the nether, that will be resolved shortly
  3. Okay, haven't given an update in a while, sooo....Voting reward system is up! For every Vote you will get $1,000! Ranking is now automatic so no need to ask staff for your time spent on server. Multiverse was removed (machines will face right way now) I am also working on a fun project with YoMov that is almost complete. Also, if you haven't already, please check out /warp yomovfactory or /warp yomovcharge! They are very helpful to new players. For some reason people keep thinking this is a Dutch Server, but it is ENGLISH and no other language is allowed in main chat, but you can speak any language using /msg (player). Merry Christmas!
  4. All problems have been fixed, DO NOT build in the Survival world or S world, they will be deleted! Mall is getting finished by Wjohnson83.
  5. Servers up on new ip, warps are fixed and hopefully everything is solved...
  6. Saw you on today hide! Happy the problem was fixed also today I saw a lot of new faces again, hope that we keep getting new players!
  7. We have found the problem, it is some thermal expansion machine, we are trying to remove it without people losing their bases, that's why the server is still down. Please Check Back Soon I will be updated later on.
  8. Something is bugging out in the spawn world, will be fixed by tomorrow morning.
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