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  1. Hey Gen, Its Bacon I was just wishing to ask the question Am I Not A Admin On This GenericLand Server? I logged on and im a Vet Just a question not trying to be nagy Bacon
  2. Why have I not been on for a long time? [Answer] My Computer is too say the lest a craptop = crappy laptop I can play minecraft and a phew games with ok FPS but until now i haven't been able to play tekkit without 9 fps I have got to go im in school
  3. hay generic I vote for tekkit lite and could u be on a little more since ur not on all that often that I have seen
  4. um generic I need to talk to u next time I log on
  5. To generictag hi the mods I know about are practically industrial, build, EE3 and a bit of computer craft. I play on the server every day and love helping the newbies out when they join. I have been a co owner for one server before(it was a tekkit classic one) but it went down and hasent come back up. that's all
  6. Hi my nick name on the server is bacon I have been on this server for nearly 4 months I think this server I very well put out and the chest shop add has been awesome. I have been a vet for 4 weeks now and I think I have a lot to offer I would love to become a mod. I go on this server at least once a day I have been helping all the newbies out when they join ever since I was a member and have carried on to do so. please consider my ask.