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  1. Sabakugaara8 hey what times, once an issue of some sort that keeps putting me into end stream as soon as I connect is solved and fixed I am often able to get on I actually live in mesa.
  2. Um I seem to be running into an issue I keep getting the endstream error as soon as I join and I was working on moving out of my tower and starting somewhere else can I get a mod or admins help. All I really can think of that could solve the issue is an instant tpa and or a chunk reset on my tower I have most of my Items with me inside My ME drives which are in a bottomless bag so IDK so much if the rest of my tower is gone besides I'm at an end game status for thaumcraft so it will be easy to recover.
  3. nevermind felt like an idiot used the wrong dust
  4. ok figured out why I could not get on the internet is set to filter out technic site its self but I have a way to bypass it on my other laptop but it also means I won't be on as often or as much.
  5. nope still not able to connect but I looked it up on the web and saw the videos just google tekkit lite duplication exploits and glitches. I'll try connecting tomorrow and on anoher note what happened to the m3:tp server why is it offline?
  6. yeha everytime I try it says I cannot connect to the server I'll try again in a few minutes. oh and loff I was on the m3:tp and was looking up ways to duplicate Items to help set up the that server a little better and I even googled all ways to dulicate and found out u can duplicate with the advanced assembly table I just found this out please ban it for safety I'll explain more on how to duplicate with it when and if I get on I'm havin to cook so I won't be on for a while sorry.
  7. I'm on the same lead as Yomov I can hook u up for the most part while I'm on but I limit it to not being overpowered freebies lol even though a lot of my solars are gone for some admins dislike but oh well I'll make them again slowly but surely.
  8. for some odd reason I cannot reach this server it was working fine yesterday and it is not my net is it down or not?
  9. um is the server down I hope my testing to make sure there was no way to duplicate items with somethings did not cause it, though I'm glad to report it appears to be fool proof I like that, oh and Mr. Generic please do not ban me I was just making sure. further more there seems to be an issue where I cannot pump out of the nether to gain some fuel even with a chunk loader. Any information on that?
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