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  1. Hello community we need advice on how to remove battle towers from our Hexxit. We have confirmed that the only thing that crashes Hexxit is uncovering new land in which a battle tower spawns. Since they spawn every few feet in the ocean and every mile lets say on land we find this unplayable. After months of testing we found it is the mod for battle towers that needs to go. Any advice on de-activation of this mod?
  2. It's 100% the battle towers spawning when you uncover new land. This is confirmed on our server
  3. Oh so classic will never update? Lite has mods too but is updated?
  4. Hey guys sorry im playing on my buddies new server we just set up with Tekkit Classic and I noticed that the gravel is the old gravel, there are no writeable books and so forth. I did a small bit of searching, but my question is this. The original minecraft is patch 1.47, what patch is this? How do we get our server up to 1.47? is that possible? how far behind is tekkit? I really like the names of held items on screen like in 1.47, the new gravel and such, i know its about modding but anyone willing to give me some insight? Just looking to have or know why it's not the newest version of MC with the mods. If you get my bad explanation. Thanks Community