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  1. Yeah, the 24/7 is a lie. Had downtimes almost every day now ranging from a few second crashes to several hours. Otherwise this is quite a nice server, few lags and a good plugin selection.
  2. IGN: thoran_jafar Age: 28 Why do you want to join: Looking for a fun server to check out AOTBT and am hoping that the more mature players will provide a more pleasent experience than usual. Strengths in Minecraft: Building semi/automate systems, fighting mobs, helping build houses as I'm not that good with creative designs myself. How many years have you been playing MC: 2 years. I play MC every few months again when major mod changes refresh the gameplay. How much will you be playing: 10-30 hours a week depending on real life activity. Microphone: Of cause! Will you be posting vids to
  3. Have not tested it but 16 people upvoted it and I'd have told you the same: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8644992/error-registry-key-software-javasoft-java-runtime-environment-currentversion Give feedback please if it worked.
  4. Thaumcraft and Hexxit work well together. I'm currently playing it on MonkyD's Server http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-0-7-monkyds-thaumcraft-in-my-hexxit.52245/ If anyone wants to join apply for whitelisting in the thread. As for why its not included: Maxis said it all. No permission to add. And in my opinion not needed, it's easy to make custom Hexxit/Whatever servers.
  5. Have you tried updating Java? I think there is a newer version.
  6. @boxmonster 1. fix your computer 2. what does "i says minecraft after i upload it then it flips" mean?
  7. I'll update my guide over the weekend. As for your low fps. I suggest looking in the options -> video settings and check if Advanced OpenGL is turned on, Particles should be on Decreased.
  8. @BunBunRoo yeah, if thats where it crashes for you then that will be very close to it.
  9. I'm using 1.0.7. If you are unsure what folder your Hexxit is now using start it up, in the Main Menu go to Options ... Texture Packs ... and click Open Texturepack folder. That will show you where your Hexxit is starting from and where your mods have to go. If this didnt change then something else is wrong and I have no idea at the moment what it might be. Edit: Check your Java version, if it isnt the latest get the latest build.
  10. Bad idea. Collecting hats in a modpack designed for masskilling would result in a spam of hats. Its up to every server admin to add custom mods to his server and I think it should stay this way. Hexxit feels more like a serious modpack that is more about survival than others like TBD or Tekkit and I enjoy the more serious tone of it. No hats, no sillyness, just Hexxit.
  11. *Research complete* The new launcher uses a different Directory structure. It introduced the Modpacks folder. Simply put you need to move your .technicHexxit folder to .technicmodpacksHexxit as this is now the folder for Hexxit.
  12. Heads up guys! Aparently the new Technic Launcher changed the Modpack Directories. If you cannot connect to the server anymore because ThaumC and TT are missing you need to move your Hexxit folder from .technichexxit to .technicmodpackshexxit.
  13. Since there is no update i'll report the 1.0.7 errors here. 1. Box from Artifice crashes the server when its filled in the crafting table. 2. Enderbow crashes the server 3. Sorting chests occasionaly crashes the client Can you get those things sorted out please? ATM the server release is not stable by default. Its too easy to crash it if items are not banned or removed.
  14. @BunBunRoo: You should see coordinates in the crashlog, something with "PlayerName at ..." or so. @boonj: Wrong thread, sounds like you have a plugin/mod that causes the problem. Make a new thread about it and give some details on what you have installed on the server. This would lonly clutter this thread here.
  15. Is the better dungeons still valid with 1.07? I'm having more problems with Battletowers spawning very close to each other and overloading the servers RAM. Do you have a solution for that other than trying to increase distance between them? On my current server they are spawning within 50 blocks sometimes despite the distance being 850 in the config. EDIT: on my 1.0.7 Server I now banned the following items because they crash the Server. Enderbow - Still not fixed Box (Artifice mod) - Crashes server with the following message every time a box is filled Description: Exception in serv
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