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  1. Iroshadobo & econerd both added, welcome.
  2. Welcome all, guys make sure your reading the first post in regards to downloading the cofig file.
  3. Well it must be a age thing as thats what interests me with these mods as well! I'll be honest we aren't a hugely populated server but we do have active players. As for the version, the first post has links to a config file which will get you onto the server. See you there.
  4. Come give it a go Foot_Licker. Guys anyone who wants to join, please at least READ the first post!
  5. added! Welcome So look at this SOB living in my ahem, "Underground Containment Center". He heals for more than I can hit him and mobbing him with my gang of zombies only made him stronger! Epic Mob! Mobbing the Epic!
  6. Right chaps, the whitelist now looks like this: bmasta daoval unluckyhobo muthaflucker phaeroth titanflea2 febo123 monkyd iceball23 thoran_jafar xxmrmillionxx Million, I'm so sorry! I wouldn't have kept you waiting if I realised!
  7. Nice one Thoran, that'll save me and Bmasta pulling our hair out again trying to sort it! Look forward to seeing you all there - get your Thaumcraft on!
  8. Thoran and co, please read the edited first post. We've now added the fantastic Thamatic TInkerer mod, however it needs a bit of configuration to get going. PM me if you have trouble.
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