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  1. Iroshadobo & econerd both added, welcome.
  2. Welcome all, guys make sure your reading the first post in regards to downloading the cofig file.
  3. Well it must be a age thing as thats what interests me with these mods as well! I'll be honest we aren't a hugely populated server but we do have active players. As for the version, the first post has links to a config file which will get you onto the server. See you there.
  4. Come give it a go Foot_Licker. Guys anyone who wants to join, please at least READ the first post!
  5. added! Welcome So look at this SOB living in my ahem, "Underground Containment Center". He heals for more than I can hit him and mobbing him with my gang of zombies only made him stronger! Epic Mob! Mobbing the Epic!
  6. Right chaps, the whitelist now looks like this: bmasta daoval unluckyhobo muthaflucker phaeroth titanflea2 febo123 monkyd iceball23 thoran_jafar xxmrmillionxx Million, I'm so sorry! I wouldn't have kept you waiting if I realised!
  7. Nice one Thoran, that'll save me and Bmasta pulling our hair out again trying to sort it! Look forward to seeing you all there - get your Thaumcraft on!
  8. Thoran and co, please read the edited first post. We've now added the fantastic Thamatic TInkerer mod, however it needs a bit of configuration to get going. PM me if you have trouble.
  9. Hey guys, please make sure you have the latest Thaumcraft installed
  10. Apologies the server is now running the latest version of Thaumcraft 3.0.5i Download it from here.
  11. Evening chaps, Sorry about the downtime. This is actually a dedicated server so hopefully once I get the settings right this should be up 100% of the time. Problem is -Hexxit- it's a massive resource slag and has lots of stability issues. I've set the server to reboot every four hours at 1, 5, 9 am/pm. Let me know if this is helpful or a problem.
  12. Lots of people joining and being auto kicked as they haven't installed Thaumcraft. Install it and learn about this great mod!!! Then join in chaps! Check out the wiki here...
  13. [1.0.7] MonkyD's - Thaumcraft in my Hexxit! Looking for a good old fashion Hexxit Experience with the added value of Thaumcraft and Thaumatic Tinkerer. Additional mods include Grieftprotection to protect the paranoid from the idiots and CreeperHeal to protect the landscape. This is a 24/7 private, dedicated server. Please post your IGN and age and come along for the ride. Please note, I am for this to be a minimalist, adventure map so: /tp, /home & /spawn commands are not available. Don't ask for gear or whine and we'll all get on fine. See you there! ! ! ! UPDATE ! ! ! Server Changelog as of 3.10.2013 - 12:00 GMT 1. The Server is now running Hexxit 1.0.7 so update to the recommended version 2. Thaumcraft and Thaumatic Tinkerer are still needed as is the config file change. Extract this zip in your Hexxit folder to make your client compatible: 3. The Nether had to be reset because of several bad chunks that i was unable to remove, I'm very sorry if you lost stuff you built over there. Apologies to the community with these recent ups and down, I'm sure your all agree they are worth it - plus it's been a good learning exercise.
  14. Can you not cut them with shears? I'm sure i've read that :-)
  15. Lol, trapped him in lava and his health won't go lower than 20 as he has regen :-) That's all my armor and weapons he's using against me.
  16. Just had this nutter invade my base! Every time I shoot him with my bow it kills me and he gains my health (he's on over 150 health now). Even if I hit him softly he still withers me. That'll teach me to try to occupy his masters necromancer castle.